Conservatives all steamed up

If the title for TV3’s Newsworthy is supposed to be ironic, it succeeds.

The 10:30pm slot that used to be for news is now not. However, its interview with Conservative leader Colin Craig in the sauna has made news because its got his party all steamed up.

Colin Craig’s leadership of the Conservative Party is under serious threat.

The party’s board is meeting today to discuss his future but it is understood plans are in motion to oust him as leader.

Craig’s recent appearance on TV3’s Newsworthy programme where he was interviewed in a sauna is said to have been the final straw. . .

Colin Craig told Paul Henry this morning that if the board sack him as leader he’d still continue to fund the party.

That worked well for the Internet Party didn’t it?

The media went to its funder Kim Dotcom because he made better copy for what is deemed to be newsworthy these days.

The same would happen with the Conservatives.

Heads Craig stays on as leader and is in the news for all the wrong reasons, tails he’s not leader but still funder and the go-to guy for the media for all the wrong reasons.

Either way they lose.




3 Responses to Conservatives all steamed up

  1. Deborah says:

    A popcorn moment. As in, break out the popcorn and let’s watch what happens.


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Bob Jones, Clive Palmer, Ross Perot, Colin Craig, Kim Schmitz and the latest manifestation of the “I am so disturbed I will buy something” syndrome, Donald Trump.

    About the only measurable outcome is a fool and his money are soon parted.

    That said, as a minimum Jones can claim to have delivered NZ from Muldoonism, and it defys belief that Bob would have survived three years in the bearpit before he would have punched someone.
    As for the others nuisance and raising entertainment factors in otherwise ho-hum elections is about the limit of achievement.

    Palmer was on the surface slightly more successful but with the implosion of his team first with Lambie then Lazerus leaving only the invisible man from WA in the senate and a totally irrelevant Palmer himself in the House he has merely demonstrated emphatically that getting elected is but a first step to political impact.

    Quaint Colin has never actually reached the surface and that is the only thing that has emerged to save him from “sinking without trace”.

    It will not be long before all others apart from diehard political tragics in NZ who will struggle to recall “Colin Who”.


  3. Dave Kennedy says:

    Gravedodger, I agree with you. Even Internet Mana had to learn the hard lesson that relying on a single source of funding (and the conflict of interest and unhealthy influence it immediately creates) is not the basis for credible party.


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