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 We’ve been strong beneficiaries of migration – they’ve brought capital to New Zealand, they’ve brought skills to New Zealand and they’ve brought hard work to New Zealand. –  John Key

3 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Gee that old pensioner from St Marys Bay sure is a little convoluted.
    He rails against Chinese coming to NZ with money and skills yet he puts a stake in the sand that we should take more refugees who turn up without even a passport and then decline to integrate into the way of life of paradise.
    Populist, pugilist or perfidious, certainly point(of order)man!

  2. MarcW says:

    The pin-stripe dwarf also fails to acknowledge that of the 750 “official” refugees that are given settlement in NZ each year, that many family members “coat-tail” in following years under family settlement rules. I am told that the Somalian woman jailed for her attack on an Air NZ pilot has had over 20 family members admitted here subsequent to the granting of her asylum status, and that over 70% of refugees are still receiving taxpayer funded welfare after 5 years living here. The 750 pa quota is only the start of the cost train, and it has a very lonnnng tail.

  3. JC says:

    As usual Lindsay Mitchell has at least a good part of the story:


    78% are still reliant on a benefit after five years in country.

    For all The US has moved left in recent years refugees are still expected to be self sufficient almost immediately on arrival.

    I don’t support any extension of the refugee quota until we solve the dependence problem, otherwise its better for all of us to fix the problems in *their* native country and be more selective of what refugees we do take.


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