Flag of the day

The Flag Consideration Panel is inviting people to upload designs for a new flag.

There’s more than 1500 in the gallery already.

John Ansell thinks the issue is black and white:

To the rest of the world, our flag is not really a national flag at all. It’s a regional flag. And it’s utterly devoid of anything that says New Zealand. (At least the Australian variant features the Commonwealth star, the Fijian flag displays their coat of arms, and the stars of the Cook Islands and Tuvaluan ensigns represent those nations’ islands.)

All the New Zealand flag – one of six to fly the Southern Cross – says to anyone who cares (which wouldn’t be many, given its dullness) is “British colony, South Pacific.” Such mediocrity is hardly good enough for a proudly independent, high achieving nation. Time to get positive about our nation and adopt a national flag!

John Ansell's photo.

One Response to Flag of the day

  1. pdm says:

    No thanks.


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