B.B. King 16.9.25 – 14.5.15

Blues musician B.B. King died last week:

B.B. King, the singer and guitarist who put the blues in a three-piece suit and took the musical genre from the barrooms and back porches of the Mississippi Delta to Carnegie Hall and the world’s toniest concert stages with a signature style emulated by generations of blues and rock musicians, has died. He was 89.

The 15-time Grammy Award winner died in Las Vegas, his attorney said. He had struggled in recent years with diabetes.

Early on, King transcended his musical shortcomings – an inability to play guitar leads while he sang and a failure to master the use of a bottleneck or slide favored by many of his guitar-playing peers – and created a unique style that made him one of the most respected and influential blues musicians ever. . .

One Response to B.B. King 16.9.25 – 14.5.15

  1. Dave Kennedy says:

    I have a number of BB’s record albums (vinyl) and love his flowing lyrical guitar style and rich voice. He was still a very competent guitar player and strong singer well into his eighties. This is one of my favourite songs of his: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fk2prKnYnI

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