1st world dilemma

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Does this take into account the environmental impact of making the hand dryer and its disposal when it dies?

What’s more important – the environment or hygiene?

And what’s the environmental impact of stomach bugs?


4 Responses to 1st world dilemma

  1. JC says:

    There was a TV article on this a year or two ago. The best way to remove toilet bugs is to physically dry your hands with a paper towel and if you really want to be safe, use a towel to open and close toilet doors.

    Hand washing is fine but you really need to do it like a doctor before an operation.. so absent that the towel is a very good defence.


  2. Captain Fantastic says:

    Interesting one. I’d go for the paper towels given a choice, but use the other if its there. Have read of the air dispersion, & believe it to be valid. Doesn’t pay to think about things too much. The atmosphere in toilets is loaded with urine vapour & heaven only knows what else. Followed a friend from public facilities in Dunedin once & noted that he also pushed the door open with the back of the forearm, to avoid hand contact. A subconscious adaption/aversion I also share. I noted also that we both pushed the door above the stainless steel handle/panel.

    Having said all that, exposure to all that sort of bad stuff keeps our immune system strong. A popular bank some year ago had jars of jelly beans (to help yourself to) available at the tellers. I recall that a study found amongst other things,on the beans, traces of urine! One can only speculate how this happened, but spoons/ladles were later provided.

    But it has changed how I view the world & what I eat & when I eat.

  3. Captain Fantastic says:

    Said all of above, but really meant to say this. If one wants more trees planted, because planting trees is good for the world, then one should use more paper. Simple as that. Make the sector grow.
    Increase the demand.

    Having said that, all this global warming, climate change nonsense is just that: nonsense. That is just egocentric control freak lies & wannabe dictator stuff. But it is good to plant trees.

  4. Mr E says:

    Captain fantastic,

    Greens want trees to be planted to mop up carbon. If the trees are cut down, made into hand towels and landfilled, the paper becomes part of the process of methane production – Methane – which is viewed as a greenhouse gas by some.

    Paper towels are not good candidates for recycling because often they have short fibres.

    Some might say they should be composted, which means they still contribute to carbon dioxide. The reality is most will be dumped.

    There is no good outcome for most paper towels.

    When I am faced with the choice, I choose paper towel every time. I dread the idea of greeting people with a hand shake, laced in toilet wash residual, and I don’t have the patience to wait for a drier to finish the job properly.

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