What matters more?

The target of returning to surplus this year was always a tough one.

A variety of factors outside the government’s control  have made it much tougher.

The government could take a slash and burn approach to get to surplus this year.

Or it could continue for focus on what matters and take a little longer.

The Opposition would criticise it whatever it did but most people will recognise that other things matter more than the relatively insignificant difference between  a small forecast surplus and a small forecast deficit.
New Zealand National Party's photo.

One Response to What matters more?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Bill E should have told Lisa Owen if she wanted to call what the Key Government have achieved around the budget deficit that was so dire 7 years ago and plunged NZ into recession a year ahead of the rest of the world and is lauded so widely across the western democracies, a failure, then with her second attempt to get English to call his close miss a failure then the simple screeching fingernails on a blackboard might have been rendered silent.

    Had my TV had its Mic on, the stupid woman could have perhaps taken my suggestion in a slightly raised voice, and merely stated she considered the small possible deficit a failure in her estimation and just moved on.
    It could have saved some wasted minutes of my life that are now gone for all time.


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