We’re h-a-p-p-y

The 2015 World Happiness report uses this definition:

“Subjective well-being encompasses three different aspects: cognitive evaluations of one’s life, positive emotions (joy, pride), and negative ones (pain, anger, worry). While these aspects of subjective well-being have different determinants, in all cases these determinants go well beyond people’s income and material conditions…

This confirms the belief that money doesn’t buy happiness.

However, all the countries in the top 10 for happiness have reasonable standards of living:

1. Switzerland (7.587)

2. Iceland (7.561)

3. Denmark (7.527)

4. Norway (7.522)

5. Canada (7.427)

6. Finland (7.406)

7. Netherlands (7.378)

8. Sweden (7.364)

9. New Zealand (7.286)

10. Australia (7.284)

Although not all those in the bottom 10 are poor:

44. Uzbekistan (6.003)

45. Slovakia (5.995)

46. Japan (5.987)

47. South Korea (5.984)

48. Ecuador (5.975)

49. Bahrain (5.960)

50. Italy (5.948)

51. Bolivia (5.890)

52. Moldova (5.889)

53. Paraguay (5.878)



One Response to We’re h-a-p-p-y

  1. Andrei says:

    Another piece of pseudo scientific nonsense.

    The people who produce these things have their own cultural biases and prejudices.

    Let us not ignore that the countries in the top ten are almost certainly among the biggest consumers of anti depressants


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