Sixth commandment applies to states

Eight of the Bali-Nine have been executed.

An Indonesian firing squad has executed Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran and six other drug offenders.

The executions went ahead despite heavy international pressure on Indonesia and President Joko Widodo to grant clemency. . .

People who smuggle drugs are amoral.

Those who do so in countries which have the death penalty can not expect their own governments to save them.

But that doesn’t make the death penalty right. It is abhorrent.

The sixth commandment applies to states.

It is wrong for individuals to kill and it is wrong for their governments to kill.

7 Responses to Sixth commandment applies to states

  1. Andrei says:


    It is amazing to me the coverage this has been getting – Indonesia executes less people than the USA and we don’t even notice when they do it

    Thirteen already this year and the year is not four months old


  2. JC says:

    No, it isn’t wrong because effectively all societies agree that there is justified killing, such as that done by due process of law.

    We can argue about the severity of a sentence but the principle of justifiable killing is well established in ancient and modern societies and by most religions.



  3. Will says:

    I would have thought ‘immoral’ the right word for those who seek to profit from misery. I use amoral to describe the Green religion, where virtue is measured in carbon units.


  4. Dave Kennedy says:

    Totally agree, Indonesia is constitutionally a secular state but the dominant religion is Islam and even under that faith killing is a sin.

    I am also concerned about Indonesia’s programme of genocide against the West Papuans who have had 500,000 killed by their forces.


  5. farmerbraun says:

    Still this was a high stakes gamble where one’s life was on the line in the event of a loss.
    One presumes that the potential rewards made the gamble worthwhile.


  6. Richard says:

    I do not agree with “executions” or the death penalty. Far better is life in prison- whole life, no remand. However if I was convicted and was allowed a choice, of life or execution- by whatever means- I would choose execution. I cannot think of anything worse than being incarcerated in prison until I died.


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