Isn’t every day Book Day?

Every day is Book Day for me.

It doesn’t mean I read at least a few chapters of a book every day, though there was a time when I did and at one stage it was several books a week.

It does mean that I love books and feel discombobulated should I not have something to read at hand should boredom or the opportunity to lose myself in the pages present itself.

I’ve read a few electronic books but still prefer real books with pages that turn and which can be passed on to others when I’ve read them.

Anyway, World Book Day was March the 5th but in support of my contention that every day is book day, it’s being celebrated in Oamaru’s Victorian Precinct  today.
Oamaru's Victorian Precinct's photo.

2 Responses to Isn’t every day Book Day?

  1. Gravedodger. says:

    A couple of Jesus Birthdays ago eldest who is up to her armpits in IT and electronic media, rang and asked me if I thought an ipad for Mater would be a good idea.
    Now swmbo has a benevolent attitude to the gadget world with all the frustrations and marvellous opportunities it provides but at that time mere acceptance would accurately describe attitude with a healthy disdain for the time I spend tapping or at times banging my laptop keyboard.
    With extensive travel in the near future for senior daughter and knowing how we react when an autobahn accident can be so alarming even if SD was not even in Germany, I said great idea.

    Now ipad is a constant companion with facetime, emails, news but most important, as a reader with one little device and nary a book in reach swmbo has a total library branch/bookstore at the end of the power cord.

    For moi though with a total avoidance of the wonderful world of Apple, being asked for advice as a problem arises, it is fraught, as what I can blunder around on windows laptop and android on my tablet it makes for a very interesting life but as to not having a drawer of the mobile home dedicated to books bloody marvellous.
    Also being able to read on the backlight and no bedside or overhead lights another delight, sheesh can even get ‘large print’ with a flick of a finger.
    We now have a granny on ‘meth’.
    ps we can easily converse and should the other be asleep no disruptions.


  2. JC says:

    I was an avid ready from age eight and the habit stayed with me for 40 years till it became too difficult to read even with glasses. As an adult I rarely read fewer than 3 books a week so it was a real loss.

    Nevermind, the computer became my pet for 18 or so years and when e’books came to my notice late last year at ridiculously cheap prices and where I could blow the print up to a huge size I was in like Flynn.

    According to my Kindle library I have read 82 full length novels in just the last 5 months.

    I’ve got a lot of catching up to do 🙂



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