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What was your first car?

 Mine was a mustardy orangey coloured mini.

11 Responses to Saturday soapbox

  1. Bulaman says:

    HA Viva. Amazing car, a brick on wheels!

  2. Willdwan says:

    Mk3 Cortina, took six years to pay it off!

  3. Andrei says:

    I had a BSA motor cycle that hardly ever went and then a Triumph which wasn’t much better.

    Cars today are so much better – one of the reasons is due to the brain power of a man who most people have never heard of William Deming who helped rebuild Japanese industry after WW2 using the ideas of logistics in raw material and parts delivery – along with his ideas of quality control and product improvment based on error analysis.

    The result was by 1970 the Japanese were bulding better more reliable cars at much lower prices than anyone else.

    William Deming was one of the great minds of the Twentieth Century

  4. Richard says:

    Morris 1100 in the Scotland. It was a rust bucket and could not get a further warrant of fitness. Decided to return to Northern Ireland where I had been working; they had no fitness warrant then, I sold it at a big profit including the carpet that stopped you getting your feet wet.

  5. fredinthegrass says:

    Ford Popular – top speed of 50mph. Unbolted the front passenger seat and turned it round so the passenger could see where we’d been! Had a tendency to fall on its side if driven round a corner too fast.

  6. Roger Barton says:

    Secon hand Ford Escort van. Cost me $3,000 which was a touch under my annual salary as a shepherd.
    Cars ( and all sorts of other things) are amazingly cheaper these days if you work it out as a percentage of salary.

  7. jabba says:

    Morris 8 series E

  8. JC says:

    Bought a brand new 650cc Super Rocket in 1963 for 450 pounds off a junior laborer’s salary of 520 pounds.

    Then bought a Mark 2 Zephyr Zodiac imported from Malaya where it had been an army staff car. Had an extra blade on the fan supposedly better in the heat, had a cartridge box bolted into the boot and best of all a radio with short wave capacity with a 12 foot aerial.

    The paint was shot and was a horrible nipple pink colour and I had to put up with people saying it was “Some sucker’s car”.


  9. pdm says:

    Hillman Imp – purchased 1966. I think it was a 1964 model.

    Learned to drive in the family 1956 Hillman Minx which my father was able to buy new because he had left some money in Scotland when he emigrated to NZ in 1927. When Dad died in 1974 mrspdm and I kept the Hillman for a few months before selling it with about 56,000 miles on the clock. I think i ran most of them up as a teenager.

  10. pdm says:

    ps – I meant to add that neither car had a heater or a radio.

  11. Freddy says:

    1979 Mitsubishi Galant, pillar-less 2 door coupe, 1850cc’s of awesomeness..aka a rice rocket..! 2yr old paid $5000 at 18.
    Decked it out with a new stereo to play tapes, white-wall tyres and sheep skin seat covers so long, in a previous life they must of missed several musters.

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