Passport power

The Passport Power Index has ranked countries by the number of other countries their passport holders can visit without visas.

New Zealand ranks 8th with 139 countries to visit visa-free.

The USAa and UK are first with 147.

France, Germany and South Korea come second with 145.

Sweden and Italy are next with 144.

Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Japan, Luxumbourg and The Ntherlands are 4th with 143.

Switzerland follows with 142 then it’s Norway, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Ireland with 141.

In seventh place are Malaysia, Greece, Austria and Canada with 140.

New Zealand is by itself then in ninth place with 138 are the Czech Republic, Hingary and Australia.

At the bottom in 80th place are  South Sudan,  Solomon Islands, Palestinian Territories, Sao Tome and Principe and Myanmar [Burma] with 28.

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