Saturday soapbox

Saturday’s soapbox is yours to use as you will – within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. You’re welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse but not to abuse.
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The greatest fear int he world is of the opinions of others. And the moment your are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom. – Osho.

2 Responses to Saturday soapbox

  1. Mindful of the recent terrorist attack at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said that armed citizens in open societies need to be able to defend themselves and others against terrorist attacks.

    “Societies have to think about how they’re going to approach the problem (of terrorism),” Noble told ABC. “One is to say we want an armed citizenry”

    “You have to ask yourself, ‘Is an armed citizenry more necessary now than it was in the past with an evolving threat of terrorism?’” Noble asked. “This is something that has to be discussed.”

  2. Andrei says:

    Did this dolt really say this?

    “Iran needs to recognise that the United States is not going to stand by while the region is destabilised or while people engage in overt warfare across lines, international boundaries in other countries.”

    Yes he did

    Who was it again who disintigtated this sixteen year old boy with a hellfire missile fired from a drone as he drank coffee with his friends in an outside cafe in Yemen?

    And that is just one crime against humanity among many commited in the name of making the world safe from terrorism.

    Of course anyone with any brains knows that if you obliterate people who cannot defend themselves by remote control in foreign lands the people in those places will not come to love you but loath you and everything you stand for.

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