PETA picking on wool

The radical animal rights group PETA has long campaigned against the meat industry.

Now it’s turned to wool with posters like the one on the right.

A user's photo.

Shearing is a highly skilled occupation and animal welfare is a priority for shearers and the farmers who own the sheep.

There’s usually little bleating in the shed and stock start grazing happily as soon as they return to the paddocks which is a sure sign they haven’t been traumatised by the shearing.

PETA might not want to believe that shearers and farmers care about animal welfare. But even they must understand the cost of injured animals and blood-stained wool provides a very strong financial incentive to treat stock with care.

The odd sheep might be accidentally nicked. But no shearer who deliberately injured an animal would keep his/her job and no reputable shearing gang or farmer would tolerate cruelty like that in the photo.

The lamb on the left has been shorn. The one on the right has either been photo-shopped or butchered for the campaign.

8 Responses to PETA picking on wool

  1. Roger Barton says:

    You’ve got to love PETA….on their website, in amongst their anti wool rant, they say that sheep account for 90 percent of NZ’s greenhouse gas emissions.
    Purveyors of bull dust!

  2. Jack Yan says:

    One US friend asked me what motive PETA would have to lie. Simple: PETA costs US$47 million to run each year. By comparison, the New Zealand Wool Board requires NZ$3 million to run each year. To get the $47 million, they stoop to these levels and hope people won’t question their BS.

  3. Gravedodger. says:

    Perhaps the photo on the right has been ‘photo chopped’.

  4. pdm says:

    i have just returned to our dauhters after watching the semifinals of the shearing competition at Te Kuiti – 120 sheep shorn at a rate of under 1 minute each and no blood to be seen anywhere.

    People like this PETA outfit give me the guts ache.

  5. Gravedodger. says:

    Btw the one on the left might have yielded enough yarn for a baby’s bootee it is a Suffolk not noted for woollen coat production.

    If PETA knew anything at all they might have noted how short the docking was on the shorn lamb.

  6. “PETA might want to believe that shearers and farmers care about animal welfare.”

    I think that you left the word ‘not’ out between ‘might’ and ‘want’.

  7. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Grant – you’re right and I’ve now put the ‘not’ where it belongs.

  8. The commies at PETA are at it again

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