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. . . Taken as a group, the writings in the Bible represent human beings struggling to work out this strange notion of right and wrong, and which is which.

That is where, I think, God resides, and also where humanity lies: in our need to work out right from wrong. The fact of our flawed state as human beings means we do not get it right, and also our perceptions of God will always be similarly flawed.

This is why, in turn, I do not trust certainty in either religion or in atheism. It is often said that the proselyting atheists of the Richard Dawkins mould are just fundamentalists of a different kind, and I think this is true, in a way which goes beyond the obvious levels.

But to deal with the obvious first: there is a missionary zeal, certainly, Dawkins et al share with the more foam-flecked fundamentalists.

But mostly, both actually serve to deny humanity. In the case of the crusading atheists, they seem to be trying to extirpate something which has been uniquely human, which is this development of religious belief down the millennia.

In the case of fundamentalists, of any stripe, the restrictions they prescribe for human behaviour is a similar denial of basic humanity and to the central mystery of our existence. . . Rob’s Blockhead Blog

I think his thoughts on fundamentalists apply to politics as well as religion.

4 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Deborah says:

    I think his thoughts on fundamentalists apply to politics as well as religion.

    Of course, who you regard as ‘fundamentalists’ might well depend on your own political leanings in the first place. I see fundamentalism in politics mostly being expressed by free market ideologues and the business-and-farming-first, but I strongly suspect that you would have quite different views on that, Ele.


  2. farmerbraun says:

    I beg to differ Deborah.
    Politics has little to do with the fundamentals of a healthy and fair economy.

    Selling more than one buys , as a nation , means we stay out of debt. Debt does not enhance freedom.

    And elitism , or crony capitalism, where wealth is concentrated in the hands of very few , inevitably produces instability , if not outright revolution and temporary chaos.

    Fundamentalists claim that theirs is the only way, and will brook no dissent.

    Superstition/religious belief is innate to humans , but so , equally is rational/scientific thought.

    Belief that is not checked against reality is frequently fatal, and history abounds with examples.

    Many other species on this planet are quite pleased about that 🙂


  3. Paranormal says:

    And talking of fundamentalism here’s a definition that you probably won’t agree with Deborah:

    Would you see the current Liarbour party as fundamentalists, particularly when it appears you have the likes of Nash trying to bring them back to reality shared by ‘Waitakere Man’.


  4. Willdwan says:

    I’ve always felt that ideology and fundamentalism are not a problem until they are forced on people. Deborah, the free market is just individuals disposing of their own property as they see fit. It is the alternatives that require force.

    Atheism is as old as religion. Even gets a mention in the Bible. There is nothing new about people like Richard Dawkins. What is new is the remarkable response to their message. Clearly there is an audience for what they have to say and it is no longer possible to silence them.


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