Paul Henry 1

Paul Henry’s new programme won the battle of the breakfast shows in our house this morning.

But then we’d been watching TV3’s breakfast programme much more than TV1’s anyway.

Henry’s show is a multi-media one.

Radio, live streaming and TV are very different media. But I got all I needed to know listening with my eyes shut when my farmer turned the television on at 6am while I was still dozing.

2 Responses to Paul Henry 1

  1. farmerbraun says:

    I am sure that nobody can get the things they need to know from a TV.
    Neither can they be obtained from National Radio, especially after 5 a.m. when the last bulletin vaguely resembling news information is read out.
    Both of these media now deal almost exclusively in “shock-horror- probe-scandal-trivia-celebrity”garbage.

    Keep the sheeple in a state of fear, and they will bleat for more government intervention, bread, and circus.

    It’s working.

  2. Andrei says:

    You are right farmerbraun – the News is mostly just entertainment – even the very serious stories are only given the most superficial treatment.

    Last week when Saudi Arabia started bombing Saana and the USA openly involved itself in the Battle of Tikrit neither made the TV 6 oclock NEWS – instead we retailed the news of some pretty boy who has decided a boy band. In fact they used this story in the teasers leading up to the news on TV one

    A huge tectonic shift in the world order we have known all our lives is underway but only distorted shadows of what is going on appear in the News.

    One obvious pointer is that China’s economy exceeds that of the USA

    And another is the levels of endebtness of the Western World.

    From previous comments you have left here I think you are aware of these things as well though how you interpret them?

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