Quote of the day

. . . I asked him how they figured out who they would lend money to. He explained some pretty flash point scoring criteria they use to work out how much they can loan to who.

Then he smiled and said “plus the rule of 45”. What’s that I asked, expecting it to be some sort of flash algorithm. Far from it. It referred to the 45th parallel, the circle of latitude that is 45 degrees south of the Earth’s equatorial plan.

In Godzone that describes a line from Oamaru to Queenstown. It turns out that folks south of this line are incredibly unlikely to default on a loan. Some strange amalgam of factors – social mores and a tendency to stand by your word – means trust is everything down south. If someone has shown trust in you, then you’ll do anything to honour that trust. . . –  Mike O’Donnell  – The 45 South Rule – a matter of trust.

One Response to Quote of the day

  1. farmerbraun says:

    Most financiers will tell you that it’s –
    People, Property, and Payability.

    Or alternatively_
    Honesty, Collateral, and Viability.


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