Friday’s answers

Thursday’s questions were:

1. Who said:  Those have a short Lent, who owe money to be paid at Easter. ?

2. In which country would you traditionally eat pashka,  and in which  tsoureki at  Easter?

3. It’s  sacré in French, santo in Italian and Spanish and tapu in Maori, what is it in English?

4. It’s Isla de Pascua in Spanish and Rapa Nui  to its locals, what is it in English and to which country does it belong?

5. Hot Cross buns and Easter eggs are . . . ?

Points for answers:

Andrei got 3 1/2 (two parts to #4) and a bonus for extra information.

J Bloggs got four.

Alwyn got 3 and 1/2 for #2 and 1/2 for #4.

No-one got a clean sweep but in the spirit of Easter all win a virtual batch of home made hot cross buns for participation.

Answers follow the break.

1. Benjamin Franklin.

2. Russia and Greece.

3. Holy.

4. Easter Island, Chile.

5. Delicious on the Good Friday and Easter Sunday respectively (if homemade for the buns),but I refuse to buy either until just before eaten in a stand against them being on sale so many months before Easter.

One Response to Friday’s answers

  1. J Bloggs says:

    Alas, my warnings to my family that my batch of Hot Cross buns, fresh made this morning, had turned out all horrible and nobody should subject themselves to the toture of eating them, and certianly should not risk their health by slathering them with butter and that they should just leave that onerous duty to myself have gone unheeded (I don’t think they believed me for some reason… 🙂 )


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