NZ’s in the final

What a game!

South Africa
281/5 (43) Live
New Zealand
288/6 (42.2)

2 Responses to NZ’s in the final

  1. Andrei says:

    Should this comment be on your confirmation bias post or here or another post entirely?

    From here: Grant Elliot to miss sister’s wedding after guiding Black Caps into final

    Elliott imagined such a moment as a child growing up in his native South Africa, watching South Africa’s matches at the 1992 World Cup. He couldn’t know then that he would one day migrate to New Zealand, and that it would be in the colors of his adoptive nation that his dream would be relived.

    “I always wanted to play in a World Cup since the ’92 World Cup,” Elliott said. “My mum let me stay at home for Australia against South Africa, and I got suspended from cricket and from school for a little while.

    Great game though, I thoroughly enjoyed it though the cliche “a historical moment tonight at Eden Park” is a bit tiresome.



  2. Andrei says:

    AB de Villiers speaks.

    An amazing game of cricket. Probably the most electric crowd I’ve ever heard in my life. I think the better team came out on top. We gave it our best, we left everything out there on the field. We don’t go back with any regrets, but we had our chances. It’ll take us a while to get over this.

    There’s a bigger picture, people back home. We play to make a difference back home, and hopefully the people can still be proud of us no matter that we lost tonight.

    I felt we had a wonderful thing going as a team in this tournament. I don’t want to single out any individuals, but really good individual performances throughout the tournament.

    Grace in defeat and perspective


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