First ban hopefully last

Today’s word of the day, avaunt meaning depart, begone, was chosen this morning and has proved to be appropriate.

Robert Guyton is one of very few whose comments I’ve ever edited, the only one whose comments were ever put on moderation and now the first I’ve banned.

I sympathised with those who called for that earlier but while he kept within the rules, however close he skated to the edge, I resisted.

Today he went too far in breaking name suppression.

I hope this will be the last person I ban.

I accept comments with a wide spectrum of views. I don’t want ones which abuse or are personal and I won’t accept any which break the law.

9 Responses to First ban hopefully last

  1. Andrei says:

    Way too far

    I hope nobody comments on him personally because he now has no right of reply and it would be unseemly and unfair to do so.

    I like this blog because it covers wide ranging matters and allows people of good will with divergent opinions to freely exchange them.

  2. Willdwan says:

    Avaunt, and quit my sight!
    Let the earth hide thee.
    Thy bones are marrowless,
    Thy blood is cold.
    Thou hast no speculation in those eyes,
    Which thou dost glare with.

    Poor Robert, what will he do? Have to agree with Andrei, it seems a bit harsh. But it’s your house, you make the rules.

  3. Andrei says:

    You misunderstood my comment Will

    I meant the gentleman in question went way too far. Not our gracious host in finally and after showing extreme tolerance banning him.

    I was sad to see it come to this though but the line had been crossed well and truly

  4. jabba says:

    I miss bOb already.
    Hey, didn’t the Blackcaps do well and the Crusaders are whipping ass and the Warriors were on fire today.

  5. Ray says:

    I was sad to see it come to this
    While the postings of the person in question were mostly bland and white noise, he regularly employed a streak of vindictive nastiness that this blog would be better off without.

  6. Andrei says:

    I was sad to see it come to this

    Perhaps Ray because I understand that we share the planet with other human beings who irritate us, get under our skin and are generally anti social but never the less are our fellows with their own problems and issues that we may not comprehend or may not care to comprehend.

    And perhaps Ray because Ele has made a point of accommodating this disruptive influence for a long time and has shown forgiveness on several occasions it may have been become a challenge to see how far the envelope could be pushed.

    It might even be worth considering that to a perverse mind this will be seen as a victory – as self defeating as that may seem to you and I,

    We should all move on

  7. Ray says:

    it might even be worth considering that to a perverse mind this will be seen as a victory – as self defeating as that may seem to you and I,
    Had also occurred to me Andrei. Sort of “death by cop” if you like.

  8. Mr E says:

    I often admire your fair and reasoned approach. I respect the resistance you have made to taking this final step. I would have made that call long ago.
    Whilst I did not witness the alleged indiscretion, such behaviors deserve swift decisive action.

    I now look forward to commenting here and appreciating others views. My recent comment reduction was largely due to comment substance concerns, which I suspect will change going forward.

  9. jabba says:

    “death by cop” .. yep, good call Ray

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