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The most important steps the Government takes are those steps that support the confidence of businesses to invest and put more capital into their business, and to therefore, in the long run, be able to pay higher wages. The Government does not influence that directly. However, we can contribute by, for instance, showing fiscal restraint and persisting with  economic reform. This enables interest rates to stay lower for longer but enables businesses to improve their competitiveness and therefore their ability to pay higher wages.Bill English

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  1. RBG says:

    Hey Homepaddock, how about that really funny quote from Bill English when he said that if people wanted change in Northland they should vote for National.


  2. Andrei says:

    That is a dreary quote consisting of political boiler plate arising from a patsy question from a Government MP to a Minister

    Apologies for the cynicism but “The most important steps the Government takes…..” have nothing to do with business confidence

    Rather they should be policies that support the development of a people independently living rich and productive lives in a secure land raising their families and growing our Nation.

    Economic policies play a supporting role in these achieving goals but are not the be all and end all of it.


  3. Gravedodger. says:

    Very admirable Andrei but as Ruth Richardson found to her great cost Politics is about the achievable and with a majority of NZ citizens having a direct economic link to “WELFARE” achievable is very constrained.
    Yes what you say resonates but without any sunset clause on our extremely generous welfare system it will be a cold day in hell before any substantive change occurs and it may come to Maggie Thatcher’s prediction on how long welfare will last.
    Even that will be masked completely from a majority of voters by borrowing and mortgaging.
    Hell last year Key completed the partial sell down of the government’s shareholding in the Generators and the Left and the MSM still rabbit on about the “family silver”, as a nation we have possessed no such tradeable assets for many years.
    Such inane garbage and lies may well sink Mike Baird this weekend and Australian states will then consign possibly the most knowledgeable honest and able Premier in a lifetime to political oblivion. That guy seems to me to be too good for the plebs who vote.
    They deserve Clive Palmer, Jacquie Lambie, Glen Lazerus, Milne’s Mob and the bloody petrol head making their big economic decisions while the people drown scrambling for the lifeboats.


  4. Andrei says:

    The vast majority of people on welfare GD would love to earn a living doing an honest days work and taking pride in it but for many it is an impossible dream.

    There is however an ingrained entitlement mentality in a minority and this is a significant cultural problem we need to overcome.

    But the entitlement mentality is not just confined to “dole bludgers” but is pervasive throughout all strata of our society, including some of our illustrious Members of Parliament.

    Do I need to provide examples?


  5. robertguyton says:

    Well said, Andrei! Today’s champion of the people, not fooled by the right-wing ideology that the likes of Gravedodger lap up like Pekinese at a saucer of milk.


  6. Gravedodger. says:

    So here we go again now I am a Pekinese when I see myself as either of the two terriers on the label of a bottle of Black and White whiskey. Very respectful indeed.

    How does any sane Socialist think they will afford welfare when those who provide the money to back it find they have been ground into bankruptcy by a rapacious administration who have no idea how economics work and Red Russel’s printing press is fired up.

    Sir Apirana Ngata was one of the prescient few who saw what Welfare would bring to his people.

    There are many jobs that have been priced way beyond affordability by socialism and its warped minimum wage policy.
    People now do not enter domestic service where food and shelter are a part of the deal as the rules state the minimum wage will be paid while the board and lodging at say $250pw is not counted.
    So we accept empty housing and lodgings will lie idle while the state pays welfare to someone to exist on a benefit with all the attending loss of personal pride and satisfaction work can bring.

    Why my view of economics has to be labelled as right wing when it is largely common sense, fortunate the dreaded “Tory” descriptive wasn’t employed. Work has enormous advantages over a benefit but the system precludes it as an option due to stupid compliance rules for far too many.

    I suppose in the convoluted and arsed up world some see as the ideal everybody could be appointed a consultant and be paid $100 bucks an hour, that would solve everything. Then we could all head off to Bali and spread our newfound wealth to the poor there who work hard for a small reward and many seem happy with their lot.


  7. robertguyton says:

    What tosh, Gravedodger! You’re letting your fevered imaginings rule the interior of your skull. Think it through, man with a cool head.
    Hungry kids need food. Denying them that is heartless.


  8. Gravedodger. says:

    If thinking things through is what you are doing Guyton you are further away from reality than I had thought.
    Now maybe you tell me where Sir Apirana’s fears were misplaced or proven wrong when he voiced them some eighty years ago, or maybe tell us how welfare will make people understand how work is the better option than sitting on their arses waiting for someone else to feed kids they may not have been able to afford.

    Had Ngata’s vision of Maori Land Development been supported and expanded instead of the stampede to the city to build stuff at negative value output there might be one hell of a lot less starving ‘kids’ to use as phantom vote bait.

    As an aside, when on a farm tour into the Maungatu Incorportion NW of Gisborne some 25 years ago we were being hosted by the incorporation elders. I asked a Kaumatua did they use the 20 or so farms they had bought back from the settlers from WW2 to train and provide work for their people and his reply was a sincere ‘none unless they are the best applicant for a vacancy’.
    You shill for your shallow opportunistic best dressed and her vain attempts to make political points while suggesting that all children who line up for communal free food are starving.
    Two Questions
    1 Who fed the hungry kids for the six weeks of the summer holidays,
    2 How will welfare regain self respect and an understanding of how work might be more empowering for the parents of your starving kids.( I prefer Children personally as it is all too often the parents who are the Goats)


  9. robertguyton says:

    Gravedodger – do all recipients of “welfare” sit on their “arses” as you claim?
    I’m interested also, to hear what you understand by the word “welfare”. What does it mean to you?
    It seems such a positive term, welfare, the kind of thing you might wish on another person. You sour Tories seems to regard it as the seed of a demon. Why is that?


  10. robertguyton says:

    Your two questions, Gravedodger? They are confused questions, that’s for sure. On one hand you ask, “who fed the hungry kids for the six weeks over the summer holidays”, then in the next breath (not your last, I hope) you call those very people likely to have done that, “goats”!! How oddly convoluted and faulty your logic!
    Perhaps if you were to ask a logical question, express it clearly and don’t contradict yourself with a second question, you might get an answer.


  11. Gravedodger. says:

    Guyton, I never suggested all recipients of welfare sit on their arses so stop making excrement up.

    What do I view as welfare? well in my humble opinion, quite simple and pretty much what Savage Semple, Holland (the late Harry in case you are confused further), Nash, Nordmeyer etal set out to build in 1935.
    A safety net for those who from no fault of their own became destitute, to give them the strength and opportunity to recover to a life where they contribute again
    As care and support for those among us who through illness, injury, and sometimes plain bad luck to be able to live in our society free of need, stigma, or threat of eviction, ill health from poor food and shelter.
    I most certainly do not see welfare as a lifestyle option where anyone can, by manipulating it, avoiding work and indulging in criminal activity justified by a totally erroneous belief that the recipient is entitled to the bounty of wealth creators, to survive and breed more potential recipients bereft of any pride, desire to contribute or even in worst cases just get up off a couch.

    I guess it was only time before the paucity of your argument had you revert to what you clearly see as an ultimate put down but alas I have to inform you that as I understand what a Tory actually was and the last one died over a century ago, I feel no insult, only pity for your lack of understanding
    Questions again but I wont be surprised if you again avoid answering;
    1 Where did the starving children access food for the six weeks schools were closed.
    2 How has welfare as it has evolved in the eighty years since Ngata raised his fears, made those who now survive on the money from taxpayers better off than if they were working.

    I know that there are people who need to relocate to reach employment, that is a given and it also explains why so many working in the expanding dairy industry are Irish, Dutch, Phillipino, Chilean, Somali, Rumanian, Ukrainian, whatever.


  12. RBG says:

    ‘People do not now enter domestic service’. No Gravedodger, new fangled inventions such as electricity and automatic washing machines have reduced the need for servants. Most of us in the 21st century consider that to be a good thing. Perhaps you have been watching too many Downton Abbey dvds recently.


  13. RBG says:

    Back to Bill English saying that if people want change in Northland they should vote National. There’s that saying about insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result 😉


  14. Gravedodger. says:

    @ RBG
    Never watched a single minute of DA and if that is my loss so be it.

    That said ere are still many options to assist the elderly, working couples and those who think they have better things than domestic duties to accomplish.

    In an addition, in my nearly 14 years as a first response Volunteer I cannot recall any case where a person on welfare stepped up to contribute to society without reward, not one but before the kick is aimed I am not claiming that it doesn’t occur.


  15. Gravedodger. says:

    So RBG if The Dwarf prevails exactly what will that deliver for Northland, a big fat zero that’s what.
    No RMA reform for starters so all the hurdles to be negotiated for any proposed development will just get higher.

    I accept that will be seen as desirable by your self and those of similar political bent but for the people of the North?


  16. robertguyton says:

    “Where did the starving children access food for the six weeks schools were closed.”
    Perhaps they didn’t “access” enough food for their needs, Gravedodger. Perhaps they went hungry. Are you convinced they didn’t, if so, where are you getting your information from?
    You say you see “welfare” as:
    “A safety net for those who from no fault of their own became destitute, to give them the strength and opportunity to recover to a life where they contribute again
    As care and support for those among us who through illness, injury, and sometimes plain bad luck to be able to live in our society free of need, stigma, or threat of eviction, ill health from poor food and shelter.”
    That’s a narrow view of the broader meaning of welfare, but I know what you are referring to, and I agree with your view, largely. You clearly have a strong view about anyone who exploits the system beyond those parameters you describe. I agree that there are and will be people who exploit any situation for their own gain. In fact, I understand there are very wealthy people who exploit loopholes in systems in order to line their pockets further, in a way that no recipient of “welfare” could ever hope to do and that the amount of money they gain in this way far exceeds anything any “welfare recipient” might ever dream of amassing. Is this true, Gravedodger and are you as incensed by those people as you are the “lazy arses” you described earlier? What term do you use for those people, I wonder and who do you think they vote for?


  17. Gravedodger. says:

    How about scroats
    They are variously incredibly fortunate Like your political mates new besty G Morgan esq who having stumbled on wealth with a lucky choice in children then preaches how he should pay more tax without actually doing so, is restrained in most things others might do with their accumulated funds while he owns a football team, a folly if ever there was one, runs a crusade against a pet genre that gives untold pleasure to many in straightened circumstances and other look at me activities and rides sponsored Motorbikes to places beyond.
    Then there are the scumbags who run finance houses and not enough of them are called to account when their Ponzi schemes are discovered, when they do go to the poky I am pleased beyond measure.
    All who rort public money are lower than snakes bellies but my comments here are about the damage welfare NZ c 2015 is perpetrating on people who deserve better and are exploited by politicians such as your hypocritical mates in the green Party. You know those who purchased house property in Wellington in the name of a superannuation fund then rented it to Parliamentary services for their Wellington accommodation, similarly Mr English did which was oh so legal but very dodgy although he did have the excuse of a farflung electorate in the far south, still it was blatantly odoriferous.

    Welfare as it is here and now in New Zealand is still expanding in its destruction of self reliance reduction in personal pride and responsibility and sends many wrong signals as to alternatives. If you do not see that then Sir Apirana Ngata was a much smarter man than any among your your Political mates and he didn’t have the advantage that 80 years of history has delivered as evidence from the living experiment.

    Oh and who do they vote for, well that is still a secret but there is empirical evidence that too many of them and their dilettante partners vote green in the mistaken belief they will save the planet.
    The hard evidence says different but that seems to slip below their radar.
    Birds minced in wind mills, coal being burnt because Hydro is now a no no and wind that won’t blow when power is needed, endless air travel eg Gary Hughes, Al Gore, and List MPs who don’t move near their place of work but spend hours in Koru Lounges and Fossil fuelled aircraft when Skype, Facetime, Video links and even the old telephone could pass the message. No honor or public presence in those old hat methods though.

    Now it is to see if the underarm kings can make 214 to set up a meet with India.


  18. jabba says:

    Well said GD but remember our bOb isn’t a member of the Greens anymore. He gloated before the last 2 elections on how his former party were going to smash the right wing Govt but he was wrong on both occasions. He went into hiding for months after last years election result which showed what a fool was/is.


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