One spouse, two spice?

How’s your knowledge of plurals?


Amazing! From Phenomena to Crises to Radii, you know your Plurals! The wild and wacky English language is often a hodgepodge of foreign words, weird abbreviations, and interesting conjugations. Plurals can be some of the most incorrectly applied and mixed up components of grammar, and most people really struggle with this quiz – but not you! Whether you’re a writer, or just a grammar aficionado, you absolutely dominated this quiz! Great job!

Apropos of plurals, why not one spouse, two or more spice?

7 Responses to One spouse, two spice?

  1. J Bloggs says:

    Two or more would definitely “spice” things up… 🙂

  2. Gravedodger. says:

    Should I have any desire to open a debate on multiple spouse for either of us it would make a vindaloo seem like cold porridge sans salt.

  3. Gravedodger. says:

    btw was an A+ goodder or badder

  4. Andrei says:

    I don’t know why I do these facebook quizzes though this one is better than most

    Aced it easily

    The plural form of a word generally reflects its origin Greek, Latin, Anglo Saxon, Norman French etc

    The words that amuse me are the ones where an animal takes on a completely different word when transformed into meat for human consumption

    sheep become mutton

    oxen become Beef

    deer become venison (which ultimately is derived from the Latin for hunting via Norman French)

    and pigs become pork

    We know why of course the serfs who tended the flocks and herds used Anglo Saxon to describe their charges while the eaters of the produce who owned the serfs and thus got to enjoy the fruits of their labours used Norman French to describe their menus

  5. Gravedodger. says:

    Venison was the original term for meat acquired by hunting.

    see also Cervenna, Chevon,

    Random question could a follower of Islam possess a silk purse when it just might have been made from a sows ear, surely we could do that in this enlightened age. After all the Camera can Lie, two wrongs can make a right.
    Life is a workshop, some work some shop and we all know who are best at multitasking?

  6. pdm says:

    A+ – quite pleased given it is nearly am.

  7. pdm says:

    Ooops – 1am

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