Grocery store commandments

Last month discussion with Simon Mercep on Critical Mass was sparked by the 10 commandments of the grocery store by Abbey Harris at Scary Mommy:

1. Thou shall not leave your cart in an empty parking spot. . .

2. Thou shall not walk down the center aisle of the parking lot. . .

3. Thou shall travel up and down the aisle like a civilized person. . . .

4. Thou shall obey the express line rules. . . .

5. Thou shalt not decide against the frozen pizza you picked up in the frozen foods section and then place it on the shelf next to the shampoo. . . .

6. Thou shall respect the invisible checkout line bubble of personal space. . . .

7. Thou shall treat the cashier with respect. . . .

8. Thou shall not stop at the exit to go over your receipt. . . .

9. Thou shall reconsider the self-checkout.  . .

10. Thou shall not stalk for a parking spot. . .

To which I would add:

11. Thou shalt ensure you and your trolley are not in the way of others, especially if you’ve stopped for a conversation.

12. Thou shalt move forward to allow the person behind you to start emptying her/his trolley as soon as you’ve emptied yours.

All of which comes down to minding your manners and being considerate of others.

If we all did that the supermarket and the world beyond it would be much better places.

One Response to Grocery store commandments

  1. pdm says:

    13 – While the checkout person is processing your groceries you WILL get your chosen method of payment ready along with any loyalty cards. You DO NOT have to wait to e told the amount due before fumbling for the wherewithall to pay.

    This applies especially to women – including mrspdm.


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