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“The nature of by-elections is it’s a very short period of time. We devoted a couple or three weeks, as the party does, to select the candidate Bit simpler for Winston; he just looks in the nearest mirror and selects himself.” Steven Joyce.


7 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. robertguyton says:

    Have you seen the Revealing Billboard yet? The one where Osbourne and Key are peeing off to reveal…Sabin and Key beneath.
    It’s embarrassing and disturbing but at the same time, poignant.

    The Dominion Post – Peeling poster reveals a Sabin coverup

  2. robertguyton says:

    And from Northland where’s there’s a by-election in progress:

    “The signs barring Joe Public from wandering down past the manicured lawns to the white sand beaches read “private property”.

    The oversized, multimillion-dollar homes are mostly unoccupied. “Swallows,” they call the absentee owners, who fly in for summer.

    This is monied Northland. This is Coopers Beach. This is heartland National – right?

    “I’ll be voting Winston,” retorts one woman. She will tick the name of the NZ First leader in the upcoming Northland by-election, for infrastructure rather than the environmental reasons that usually drive her vote.

    “No-one else is going to fix up the roads,” she says.

    (So much for National’s porkbarrelling offer to upgrade 10 one-lane bridges.)”


  3. Paranormal says:

    RG with your past experience of predicting election outcomes, I’m surprised you’re predicting this one so strongly.

    At this early stage it seems you’re still on form to retain your record.

  4. robertguyton says:

    I’m not making a prediction, Paranormal (I learned my lesson 🙂 but I am enjoying the spectacle that is the Northland (“Sabin’s Shame”) election. Aren’t you?

  5. Gravedodger. says:

    You clearly enjoy placing this blog in a shadow of legal jeopardy Guyton with your unsubstantiated innuendo around the Sabin case that is still to be resolved.
    If you had any conjones or brains you would refrain or take your assertions and scuttlebutt to your own blog but then only a very few would read it and that could be a legal defense.

    Why is it you seem to think all the bribes and inducements trotted out by your political mates are not ‘porkbarrelling’, surely the fact that the outrageous claims by the Material girl and the XXXX ginga were not exempted because of the extreme improbability they could ever deliver.

    Could you provide one bribe other than the entirely sensible upgrading of insulation status of dwellings and the dope industry that your melon mates have delivered for the North.
    No, preventing any and all development does not count and you cant claim the growth of welfare either.

  6. robertguyton says:

    The “ten-bridge-bribe” is disputed by no-one, bar the craven Gravedodger. Have you denied Key’s bribe to Northlanders? No, because it’s patently obvious what it is. The pork is sizzling up north. Buying votes? Sure it is, but that’s okay with you because Jonny’s your man and like all great cheats, he’s forgiven if he wins because of it. Eh, Gravedodger. That’s what I call corruption – corruption of ethics and corruption of democracy.

  7. JC says:

    “corruption of ethics and corruption of democracy.”

    At the last election the Greens promised bribes that would cost $3857 per household, the Nats promised $823 per household.

    Winston has promised bribes that would cost all households $200, the Nats havent reached $30.

    One thing you’ve got to credit the Greens and Winston.. they’ve got more cheek than a fat man’s bum.


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