Little hints

Labour leader Andrew leader can’t quite bring himself to tell Northland voters not to vote for his party’s candidate Willow-Jean Prime but he’s dropping little – or should that be Little? – hints:

Mr Little told TVNZ One’s Q+A programme that Labour will not pull its candidate Willow-Jean Prime from the by-election contest, despite a Q+A Colmar Brunton poll showing Mr Peters would win if she was not in the running.

However, he called for left voters to be “realistic” with their candidate choice.

“They’ve got a vote they should use it. If they want to vote to send a message to the Government …

“They are intelligent enough to see how they can do that.” . .

Every election Labour has criticised National for electoral accommodations in Epsom and Ohariu but now he thinks it would be too his advantage, Little is indicating he’s willing to do just that.

He’s throwing his candidate under the wheels of Peters’ bus, not to help Labour or Northland but, as Rodney Hide points out, to get a New Zealand First list MP in Invercargill and give more power to Peter Dunne:

. . . A Peters win would destabilise the Government and power up a Wellington electorate MP. Ohariu would benefit – not Northland. On winning Northland, Peters would resign as a list MP to clear the way for the next candidate on New Zealand First’s list. That candidate is Ria Bond … from Invercargill.

That’s right. In choosing Peters, Northland voters would be electing an MP from Invercargill.

Those in the Far North would elect a candidate from the deep south.

But it gets better.

Peters lives in Auckland. Parliament is in Wellington. That’s how he divides his time. Kerikeri is 250km north of Auckland. So Peters is asking the people of Northland to vote for an Aucklander to elect an MP from Invercargill and empower an MP from Wellington. . .

This would not bring down the government but it would make it more difficult for it to pass legislation and give Dunne and the two other government partners – Act and the Maori Party – a lot more bargaining power.

That won’t help Labour this term, nor will it make it any easier for it and its potential coalition partners to gain enough seats to govern next term.

In fact it might make it more difficult because the Little hints make him look downright shifty.

When National campaigns in Epsom and Ohariu it is open about campaigning only for the party vote and it ensures its candidates are high enough on its list to get into parliament.

Little isn’t being open, he’s trying to have a bob each way. He hasn’t clearly said voters should ditch Prime for Peters but nor has he said they shouldn’t. Yet he’s prevaricating enough to handicap his candidate and there’s no list seats up for grabs in a by-election to compensate her for her wasted efforts.

And what’s in this political playing for the people of Northland?

. . . Peters is 70 this year. It’s a long way from Auckland to Northland. It’s even further across the electorate. Peters will be bogged down and busy doing the bare minimum needed to be local MP. I doubt the region will be much troubled by him.

And he would lose in 2017. Northland will return a National candidate in a General Election.

It has been 40 years since Peters stood for Northern Maori. He’s late in rediscovering the north but his campaign is exciting.

I believe he prefers a close second. Winning would be altogether too much work.

Little is willing to sabotage his candidate to help Peters who will have neither the will nor the energy to service the large Northland electorate and its many communities while also attending to the demands of party leadership.

We can but hope the people of Northland will have learned from Tauranga voters who saw through him and send both him and Labour a message: they need an MP who lives in the electorate who will be in government and who will represent them well and work hard for them.

There’s only one of those standing – National’s Mark Osborne.



17 Responses to Little hints

  1. robertguyton says:

    “the Little hints make him look downright shifty.”

    But Key didn’t look shifty when he was having a cup of tea with Banks and Dunne?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Monday morning humour! Thanks, Ele!


  2. robertguyton says:

    Winny’s coming!
    Run, little blue people, run!


  3. robertguyton says:

    IF Sabin did what is rumoured, they are a pretty conservative lot morally speaking up North in Blue-ville

    That is exactly what is happening and why Peter’s is getting such support.
    Furthermore – he is a hometown hero. The Peter’s are well regarded – just look at how well young Winston did! The rumour machine is well oiled and the news is getting out there, and I’ll bet the people don’t like what they are hearing. It’s socially conservative for a large majority. Winston is a safe bet as far as they are concerned. National have fouled their nest very heavily and it stinks. Time to clean it up.”

    Macro makes the point


  4. robertguyton says:

    I hope National doesn’t panic and do something craven and transparent, like promising Northland a new bridge, or some other cynical bribe. The people of Northland will laugh them off the stage.


  5. robertguyton says:

    [video src="" /]

    Hitting the nail on the head/side/not


  6. Mr E says:

    Has Little done a ‘yeah, nah’?


  7. robertguyton says:

    Has Key done an about-face?
    John Key in the media a few days ago said “I will be visiting Northland three times, which is more than normal, but ….”

    John Key yesterday said on te tele “I will be visiting Northland three times and this is the norm”

    Did I use the right words to describe his behaviour, Mr E?
    About-face? Flip-flop? Weasel-words?
    Others say, “lies”.
    Not me. Too polite.


  8. JC says:

    Still waiting for the Greens to accuse Little of abusing the MMP system…



  9. Andrei says:

    Current ratio 0.75%


  10. robertguyton says:

    JC, they’re too busy laughing!


  11. robertguyton says:

    Ten bridges!
    Now we are all laughing!


  12. Mr E says:


    “Did I use the right words to describe his behaviour, Mr E?”
    Can you provide the evidence so I can consider this?

    I can find this:
    “I will be visiting Northland three times, which is more than normal, but ….”

    But not this

    “I will be visiting Northland three times and this is the norm”


  13. robertguyton says:

    Ten bridges!



  14. robertguyton says:

    Pork bridges

    It just gets better!


  15. Mr E says:

    Can anyone validate this statement ?
    “I will be visiting Northland three times and this is the norm”



  16. robertguyton says:

    No one can validate anything Key says, Mr E.
    You know that.


  17. SteveBarnes says:

    Can anyone validate this statement ?
    “I will be visiting Northland three times and this is Norm”
    It is merely a mis-quote from John Key introducing Mark Osborne, its just that JK forgot his name


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