What age do you act?

What age do you act?

You act as though you’re 26.

You’re definitely still in touch with your inner child, but you can also be serious when you need to be. You know when and how to let yourself go a little and like to put some time aside to really have fun. Your friends can’t understand how you manage to stay so laid-back and so practical all at once, but trust us, they’re definitely jealous.

That’s not how I remember 26 and I’d be worried if that’s how my friends feel now.


4 Responses to What age do you act?

  1. Mr E says:


    You are an incredibly mature person. You have always known that your long-term goals are much more important than any party could ever be. You’re friends really appreciate your wisdom and experience and often turn to you for advice. Being sensible doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, but you’ve learned that you can have just as much fun (if not more) by talking to others as you can by dancing the night away in a club somewhere. Good for you!


  2. Quintin Hogg says:

    But I knew that would be the case because I am actually 53.


  3. TraceyS says:

    53. Horrors!


  4. fredinthegrass says:

    53 This thing is rigged?! I am in fact 73 so I’ll take it as a compliment!!


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