Who said cricket is boring?

What a game:

Australia 151: New Zealand 152/9.



9 Responses to Who said cricket is boring?

  1. Andrei says:

    The advertisers will be pleased, they got good value from this game

  2. Marc Williams says:

    And Sky was worried about which game their subscribers would watch – the Chiefs vs Crusaders or the WCC Cricket. Problem solved… make the cricket a half-day game. 🙂

  3. Gravedodger says:

    Where was the sledging?
    Proved that no team needs to score 300+, the two iinnings totaled 303 runs.
    What a finish, hope no one had a coronary.

  4. RBG says:

    Nice entertainment for the well off. Pity about the rest of New Zealand who can’t afford Sky or tickets.

  5. RBG says:

    I don’t expect most of you lot to give a shit about lower income families with huge mortgages, pensioners or those on sickness benefits, but surely your hearts bleed for those farmers who had to let the Sky subscription lapse because those bloody greenies wouldn’t let them build enough dams and made them leave some water in the rivers.

  6. Back Paddock says:

    Well I never…a chip on your shoulder bigger than a cricket bat RBG.
    A well respected local woman farmer adjourned to the local teacher’s house yesterday to watch the cricket on theirSky installation. I understand it is a symbiotic relationship. The teacher borrows her tractor periodically. A farmer without Sky but a teacher with it…disgusting!

  7. Andrei says:

    Sky is a rip off,

    Anyway according to commentary on right wing blogs all beneficiaries have sky, which they watch while gorging themselves on KFC, swigging beer and puffing on cigarettes – thats the tale that is told anyway

    I’m skeptical myself

  8. Ray says:

    Are you channeling Mr Kennedy, RBG?

  9. farmerbraun says:

    People who were working listened to it on the radio. Others used the live updates on the internet.

    Needless to say.


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