Thursday’s quiz

1. Who said: Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.?

2. On which family was The Sound of Music based?

3. It’s tambour in French; tamburo in Italian, tambor in Spanish and taramu in Maori, what is it in English?

4. In which section of the orchestra would you find a tam tam and a marimba?

5. What was the first record/cd you bought?

5 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    (1) Plato

    (2) von Trapp family

    (3) Drum

    (4) percussion

    (5) this quiz was too easy until we got to this question, I probably have psychologically buried this history out of embarrassment at my how bad my juvenile taste might have been

    We lived in a house of music though, instruments galore and records including old recordings that were literally albums – books, containing 10 or more 78 rpm recordings of masterpieces far too long to fit on a single record given the technology of the time when they were made. Though LPs 33 1/3 rpm was the common format of my earliest recollection along with 45s .

    It is astonishing how far we have come – now I have my music collection which is not insignificant copied to my phone and I blue tooth it to my sound system, in my living room, in my car and even in my bathroom

  2. Gravedodger says:

    1 pass
    2 von Trapp family
    3 drum
    4 bangy tappy bit
    5 Stairway of Love, Michael Holliday, c1958 on 45 floppy

  3. J Bloggs says:

    1) Plato
    2) The Von Trapp family
    3) Drum
    4) Percussion section
    5) Iron Maiden – Live after death (on cassette)

  4. Rob Hosking says:

    1. Don’t know – will have a guess. Johnny Rotton.

    2.the von Trapps.

    3. drum

    4. percussion

    5. First album was 20 Soiled Gold Hits Volume 6, bought at Farmers in Waiuku.

    First CD was Able Tasmans ‘A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down’ Contains this gem:

  5. Teletext says:

    1. That well known Greek muso and philosopher Plato
    2. The von Trappe family, some of whom are still alive and performing
    3. Drum. The only instrument I was ever taught to play and probably the one I play the worst.
    4. Both are in the percussion section
    5. My first 78 was Golden Wedding by Woody Herman and his orchestra but it wasn’t as good as the version played by Neil Randrup’s “big Band” on a Saturday night at St Seps at the top of Khyber Pass Rd in Auckland.
    My first 45 was Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino. I still have it and still love it. It was great that Fats survived when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. It is also significant that he celebrates his 87th birthday today.
    My first LP I brought for my Mother from my first pay cheque from a school holiday job was My Fair Lady with Richard Harrison, Julie Andrews and Stanley Holloway.
    My first CD was “Hooked on Rhythm and Classics” by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Louis Clark which features only 12 tracks which include an Acid House version of Beethoven’s 5th, great version of Pachelbel’s Canon and the most haunting and unbelievable rendition of the first movement of Rodrigo’s Aranjuez Concerto. Sadly, none of the tracks are on You Tube

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