McCallum seeks Northland selection

Dairy farmer and party board member Grant McCallum is seeking selection as National candidate for Northland.

The party’s rules give the right to select a candidate to members in the electorate. Voting delegates  must have been members for at least six months.

They take that very seriously and would take a very dim view on interference from anywhere else, in or outside the party.

Grant is the first candidate for selection to announce his intentions.

He and his family have a long history of active membership in the party which means he will be known to many of the delegates who will vote in the selection.

That will give him a head-start but every candidate has to earn the support of the delegates and nothing can be taken for granted.

Northland is the seventh biggest general electorate, stretching from the top of the North Island, skirting Whangarei, to Wellsford and covers an area of 12,255 square kilometres.

It has no single big centre of population and many diverse and far-flung small ones.

5 Responses to McCallum seeks Northland selection

  1. What will be the cost to the taxpayer of this by-election?
    Why did the previous National Party MP quit the position of MP for Northland?
    Is he being investigated by the police?
    Are the reports that suggest Mr Sabin is facing very serious charges, correct?
    Why did John Key appoint Mr Sabin to a position of influence over the police when he was under investigation by them?
    Why did John Key doggedly avoid admitting to have known about Mr Sabin’s situation for so long? Force of habit? Some sort of personal amusement at fooling the media and the public? Some other reason?
    Will Ele ban me for asking the same questions that are widely being asked in the media across the country?


  2. Paranormal says:

    Ever considered innocent until proven guilty RG?

    It’s now a non-issue and the public have, to coin a heroine of the lefts phrase, moved on.

    How about the left attacking Key and the Nats on the issues that matter to New Zealanders? There’s plenty of opportunity but the lefts group KDS is stopping them from being an effective opposition. New Zealand is worse off for not having an opposition that is focused on issues that matter.


  3. What is it about my questions that causes you to be unable to answer any of them, Paranormal?


  4. Paranormal says:

    Why do I need to answer them RG? I’m not a National supporter, Mike Sabin or John Key.

    You can carry on asking your questions, I’m not stopping you doing that, merely suggesting that there are possibly more productive lines of attack.


  5. Attack?
    Inquisitiveness, that’s all. The blanket of “disinterest” interests me. The claim that “no one’s interested in the case is interesting also. No one is interested in someone who was until recently a MP in the John-Key led Government, being investigated by the police – really??


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