Abbott survives 61 – 39

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot has survived the spill vote on his leadership with 61 votes to 39.

That is not a convincing win.

Unless he can win back the confidence of those unhappy with his leadership this will be seen as the first battle in an on-going war.

That won’t be good for the government, the Liberal Party or Australia.


4 Responses to Abbott survives 61 – 39

  1. Neil says:

    HP you say that Abbots win is not substantial. True. However if change does occur the Liberals are dog tucker. The Australian people has become sick of the faceless pople in the party caucus room.
    Truthfully ther present problem lies with the previous Rudd/Gillard governments and their financial incompetence.Over the top spending and continual sniping from the factions.
    Now the Australian people don’t like tough financial love.

  2. Paranormal says:

    Sorry to disagree Ele, I think it was a convincing win.

    We have a tv in the office permanently on sky news. They covered the caucus meeting live. It was an interesting display of power politics this morning when the caucus came in dribs and drabs until Abbott turned up with his supporters in tow. It was a significant message to any dissenters.

    He may make the odd gaffe, but he is clearly a superb player of the game when he needs to be.

  3. Gravedodger says:

    The Australian Labor Party is seriously to the right of our bunch of numpties and have an incredibly powerful union rump hence their electability.
    Turnbull is a wolf in sheeps clothes and in fact is better suited to the Labor bunch, hence his apparent attractiveness to the electorate.
    He Turnbull did not lift a finger to sell what was a much needed budget.

    Newman’s demise in the Banana State was largely of his own making and Abbott’s polling had less to account for the rout than Allan Jones decision to take Campbell Newman OUT.

    The lucky country is currently out of luck and the electorate has little stomach to adjust the spend to match the straightened circumstances

  4. jabba says:

    No wonder the Aussies want John Key to cross the ditch. I would suggest he could do some pretty positive stuff for a country like Australia.
    Our opposition “friends” would like to see him go for other reasons but hey, who cares what they think?

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