Word of the day

Misophonia – hatred of sound; a neuropsychiatric disorder in which negative experiences (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) are triggered by specific sounds.

One Response to Word of the day

  1. Mr G says:

    The sound of the word, “neoliberal”? Seems to upset Farrar and the other neoliberals who try to bury the label to make it un-exist.
    And who doesn’t suffer misophinia when hearing the word, “neoliberal”?
    Ms Catton, that’s who:

    “When Catton’s comments in an interview in Jaipur (India) were picked up by New Zealand media (e.g., here and here) it was inevitable that New Zealand’s commentariat of head-bobbing pigeons found sufficient cause to fluff their plumage and puff their breasts in agitation.

    Especially so given that many of these commentators have in recent decades been raised on a highly processed diet of neoliberal values – and seem to have made themselves well and truly at home in its rudimentary intellectual crate.”


    “New Zealand’s commiserate of head-bobbing pigeons”


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