Chocolate matters

The world is a sweet place when a story about chocolate downsizing makes the news:

Cadbury Confectionery is reducing the size of its family block as the chocolate maker battles higher manufacturing costs.

But while the block would be reduced by 10% to avoid a price rise, the company’s owner said its Dunedin factory was going from strength to strength.

”We didn’t take this decision lightly,” said Jack Evison, the New Zealand head of Mondelez, the company that owns Cadbury.

”More of our manufacturing costs are going up than down. Other chocolate companies are also under pressure. Two are in significant trouble in Australia.

”We chose to reduce the size of the block rather than up the price so we can keep chocolate as an affordable treat. The quality and taste will remain the same.” . . .

Chocolate is one of my vices, albeit one I’ve learned to indulge in moderation.

A friend recommended a square or two of chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa after dinner as a way to satisfy cravings and I’ve found it works.

But in the quest for quality rather than quantity I discovered Lindt from Switzerland so that habit won’t be affected by the downsizing.

However, I use Cadbury chocolate to make a chocolate hazelnut Christmas tree and a smaller block will mess with the proportions in the recipe.

6 Responses to Chocolate matters

  1. Allen Hogan says:

    Can someone please explain how getting less for the same price isn’t a price rise?

  2. JC says:

    Replacements using palm oil earlier and now an equally unpopular downsizing of the choc bar suggests to me a company in trouble.


  3. jabba says:

    is chocolate on the food nazi’s hit list?

  4. Ray says:

    “However, I use Cadbury chocolate to make a chocolate hazelnut Christmas tree”
    Just don’t leave it too close to the fire 🙂

  5. Mr G says:

    Last night, our Belgian guests made “chocolade mousse” using FairTrade Dark Chocolate (Fondant chocolade) – verrukkelijk!

  6. Gravedodger. says:

    been unequivocally Whitakers since before the palm oil debacle.

    With this marketing ploy it is all about who cares!

    For the workforce in Dunedin I sincerely hope the main market focus is offshore as they must be finished in our domestic market.

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