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Saturday’s soapbox is yours to use as you will – within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. You’re welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse, but please not abuse.
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48 Responses to Saturday soapbox

  1. Mr G says:

    How curious

    Sabin resigned today but National Party removed him from website on 14 Jan @michaeltarry Still there 13 Jan … #nzpol


  2. Mr G says:

    [Deleted – this appearance in a chain of comments suggested a link between them which could be in contempt of court]


  3. Name Withheld says:

    [edited because of link to now deleted comments from Mr G]
    You must be very proud of yourself Mr G.


  4. Mr G says:

    “Good morning and thank you for being here.

    I am announcing today that I will not be standing for Co-leader of the Green Party at our AGM in May.

    This is my ninth year as Co-leader and I think it’s time for a change.

    This is something I have considered for some time and over the summer break I have had the space to think hard about my future.

    I concluded that after nearly a decade, it is a good time to find a new challenge for myself, and to spend more time with my family, and now is also a good time for new leadership for the party.”

    Russel Norman’s opening remarks in his press conference. The rest is here:

    I looked for Mike Sabin’s gracious resignation speech, Name Withheld, but couldn’t find it.


  5. Mr G says:

    “Kick kick kick stamp stamp stamp”
    Do you know something about the case, Name Withheld?


  6. Name Withheld says:

    Point to you Mr G, well done!


  7. Mr G says:

    “For eight years Norman strove to fashion a Green Party manifesto that was not only compatible with the Labour Party’s policy platform but would, to a remarkable degree, serve as its inspiration. His astonishing and largely successful mission to master the challenges of contemporary economics; an effort which allowed him to participate in policy debates with an authority sadly lacking in his predecessors, and to drag Labour along in his wake, is probably the most impressive achievement of his leadership.”

    My bold

    Chris Totter comments on Russel Norman


  8. Paranormal says:

    “His astonishing and largely successful mission to master the challenges of contemporary economics” – now there’s an oxymoron. Printing money anyone?


  9. Andrei says:

    Same old same old – yawn

    How about some culture instead of dreary links to stories with no content? [edited because of Mr G’s now deleted comments]


  10. homepaddock says:

    Robert – your comments are back in moderation. You left a chain of comments which suggested a link between one thing and another which could put you, and therefore this blog, in contempt of court.

    I have no idea if there is a link but immediately wondered if there was because of your comments.

    Name Withheld and Andrei I’ve edited your comments too to remove any possible link.

    Andrei – thanks for raising the tone.


  11. Mr G says:

    You deleted my post, an un-edited article from the Herald, then put me back into moderation???

    That has to be the height of paranoia, Ele.


  12. Mr G says:

    Chainof comments?

    One comment on Saturday soapbox is a chain?

    Holy cow – something’s caused our National Party people to lose their minds today! Wonder what that is?


  13. Andrei says:

    Holy cow – something’s caused our National Party people to lose their minds our friend Robert to loose his mind today! Wonder what that is?

    I suspect organic vegetables might have something to do with it


  14. Name Withheld says:

    Holy cow! You seem to be the only one working himself into a frothy lather over Mr Sabin, Mr G.
    Apart from commenting on the facts so far, Nation Party supporters don’t seem to be denying anything about this man. The PM’s lack of comment is just that. But I guess your well documented historical hatred of Mr Key will not stop you conjuring up some conspiracy. The nasty party are good at that.
    Most people have heard little of Mr Sabin and care even less, I certainly do not care about him at all.
    You need to calm down a bit over this. The dangers of froth and excessive facial hair are well known.


  15. Mr G says:

    “The PM’s lack of comment is just that.”

    One of Key’s MP’s is reputedly under investigation by the police and has resigned, the Prime Minister refuses to say a word about the situation, but you Nat supporters don’t care at all, are not interested, have barely noticed.
    I remember incidents where one of Helen Clark’s MP’s found themselves in a similar situation. The screeching from the right-wing and the National Party filled the air for weeks and weeks. But in this instance, with Mr Sabin, you just can’t be bothered even thinking about it.

    I see.


  16. JC says:

    “I suspect organic vegetables might have something to do with it”

    Possibly, but he needs to shut down any discussion on the Greens leadership and the Catton relationship with it as well.

    Here’s a flavour of how thats developing..



  17. Mr G says:

    Eleanor Catton sums things up nicely:

    “In future interviews with foreign media, I will of course discuss the inflammatory, vicious, and patronising things that have been broadcast and published in New Zealand this week. I will of course discuss the frightening swiftness with which the powerful Right move to discredit and silence those who question them, and the culture of fear and hysteria that prevails. But I will hope for better, and demand it.”


  18. Name Withheld says:

    One would wonder if she will find time to..

    discuss the inflammatory, vicious, and patronising things that have been broadcast and published in New Zealand this week.

    Given her hectic travel schedule.

    Her words.
    I have travelled to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Spain, Canada, the United States, Australia, Brazil, and most recently India,

    All courtesy of the NZ taxpayer.
    Oh the irony.


  19. JC says:

    “All courtesy of the NZ taxpayer.”

    $100,000 to date.. 90% granted by a National Govt.



  20. Mr G says:

    Who’s been paying Mike Sabin then?


  21. Mr G says:

    Oh the irony.


  22. RBG says:

    So JC, what exactly do you mean by your last comment about where the money has come from?


  23. Name Withheld says:

    Let me have a wild stab at answering that one RBG.
    Lets see…..Ummmmmmm……..Ummmmmmmm.
    Iv’e got it!.
    Not from Eleanor Catton
    Will that do?
    Or are you looking for something less simple?


  24. jabba says:

    sO Russelllll will move on to greener pastures aye (couldn’t help myself).
    Mmmmm a Green Party leader for 9 long years and not a single cabinet position for any Hippie MP in all that time.
    We need bOb Guyton to return to give us the hot oil on who rolled him.


  25. jabba says:

    As Mr G is a fan of Whaleoil, I wonder what he, or she, thinks of Cams posting about Turei .. not about being batshit crazy (we already know that) but about her getting rolled next. Hague and Genter could be a better leadership team that MIGHT not scare the punters as much as Mork and Mindy do.


  26. RBG says:

    Are you saying name withheld, that taxpayer money comes with conditions that limit free speech?


  27. Name Withheld says:

    Not at all rbg, I simply answered your question.
    But I did suggest YOU were looking to complicate the issue.
    Right wssn’t I


  28. RBG says:

    It was JC who brought up the subject of taxpayer money, 90% of it from a National government. What is the relevance of that comment JC?


  29. RBG says:

    Not just JC, you were the first one to mention taxpayer money Name Withheld, I repeat my question, what relevance does that have?


  30. RBG says:

    Lets think about this ‘Russel being rolled’ idea of jabba’s. How does that work? The Greens membership vote on the leaders, if Russel WANTED to stay on he would stand again and most probably be voted back in. He has decided not to stand, or are you saying jabba that he is being prevented from standing again, against his will?


  31. Name Withheld says:

    Like most greens RBG, you just don’t get irony.
    The fact that she has received $100,000 from “politicians” seems to make this…
    At the moment, New Zealand, like Australia and Canada, (is dominated by) these neo-liberal, profit-obsessed, very shallow, very money-hungry politicians who do not care about culture
    …..statement ironic in the extreme. Not to say incorrect.
    I don’t think I have seen anyone commenting negatively on her right to say it.
    You, however seem tediously determined to keep a negative spin on it.


  32. jabba says:

    nOt at all RGB .. I and many others, are suggesting that members/MP’s have decided that new blood at the so called top of the Gweens is needed. Hell, 9 long years and still in opposition should be a hint that he would be receiving a chat. His mateship with Dotcom hurt the party. Turei should be next, simply because she would demand a high ministerial position if in Govt, and Joe and Sue Public wouldn’t want that aye?
    Rodney Hyde predicted last year that Norman was in danger, I guess you didn’t notice.


  33. Name Withheld says:

    And, at the risk of giving you irony overload.
    Have a look and reconcile these two statements from Ms Catton….

    In the past twelve months I have travelled to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Spain, Canada, the United States, Australia, Brazil, and most recently India


    They care about short-term gains. They would destroy the planet in order to be able to have the life they want. I feel very angry with my government.


  34. jabba says:

    keep up with play Name Withheld .. Gweens can suck the life out of the planet as long as they plant a tree or pay sod all for carbon credits. Dave K must own a forest by now.


  35. Mr G says:

    “Eleanor’s story has now made international news.
    The Bullying by the Rich and powerful of her opinion has highlighted the Truth of her opinions!”


  36. Name Withheld says:

    After a flurry of questions, RBG seems to have gone to ground.
    I wonder why.


  37. Mr G says:

    Because she’s appalled at jabba’s giddy lunacy? She hasn’t said, but I’d say that’s why. Or it might just be that the over-excited baying of the anti-Green yippy-poodles here, yourself included, Name Withheld, has her thinking that intelligent debate is impossible while that yapping is going on. It’s Mike Sabin’s “retirement” that has done it – righties across the blogsphere have been shamed into yodelling about anything they can set their little sharp canines into in order to cover up what is a HUGE embarrassment for the National Party – another resignation and suggestions of bad behaviour. Even Ele has panicked – imagine deleting a clean, un-changed article from The New Zealand Herald! – it beggars belief! And throwing me back into moderation after a totally clean performance. It’s shameful, in my view. Moderation , detention, from Ele the hall-monitor! The heat is on National over the Sabin affair and will continue as soon as the week start – Question Time in the House will be a doozy and what will Mr Key be saying? Same as he ever says, anything but the real answer. And you Homies will be cheering him on – he’s a great cheat, eh! We love that in our heroes. After all, winning is everything.


  38. Mr G says:

    No more moderation? Thank you, Ele.
    [ Still moderated – I just hadn’t caught up with this variation on your identity – Ele]


  39. jabba says:

    omg .. so the left will use question time over the Mike Sabin issue .. after all these years you muppets just don’t get it .. brilliant


  40. Name Withheld says:

    Gweens can suck the life out of the planet as long as they plant a tree or pay sod all for carbon credits.
    Quite so jabba.
    Not so long ago RBG was basking in eco-smugness by describing a
    ….Wait for it…. “Low carbon holiday” he/she took.
    Looks like a bit of eco-embarrassment has set in as the green heroine de-jour has let the side down somewhat by taking a “Colossal carbon *junket*”

    *Junket..a pleasure trip, often funded by someone else.


  41. Mr G says:

    Jabba and Name Withheld – what a combo! You two represent the pinnacle of right-wing thinking; deeply intellectual, adroit, nuanced, pithy – you are everything that National Party team is to be admired for. It’s little wonder RBG has fled Homepaddock – up against you two intellectual giants, she looks…sane.

    “Gweens can suck the life out of the planet…”



  42. jabba says:

    please tell me bOb Guyton is still around Mr G .. we would hate to lose him and RGB and thanks for you support above


  43. RBG says:

    “RBG seems to have gone to ground”- No, I just don’t spend every waking minute on this blog, sorry if its a long wait between comments for those of you that do.

    Catton said “NZ is dominated by “these neo-liberal, profit obsessed, very shallow, very money-hungry politicians, who do not care about culture”
    Your response was to bring up the dollar amount of money she received.

    I DO have a problem with Green supporters who have high carbon lifestyles. While the ‘greens should give up all technology’ meme is not credible (because there is a lot of low and zero carbon technolgy out there), unless people like Eleanor Catton clearly show how they are off-setting their carbon emissions, I think it they are leaving themselves open to a valid challenge on that point.

    Tree planting IS a useful way to sequester CO2, but the world does not have the space to plant enough trees to deal with the CO2 emissions of our current high carbon middle class lifestyles (land is needed to feed people and other species are entitled to have space to exist on this planet) So we need to reduce the amount of CO2 released, but I’ve read what most of you have said about AGW in previous threads and I’m not hanging about here to argue that one all over again with you.


  44. Name Withheld says:

    No, I just don’t spend every waking minute on this blog,
    Nor do I RBG. But I try not to ask a series of questions of people and then abruptly turn and leave the room without waiting for an answer.
    Your response was to bring up the dollar amount of money she received.
    No.. My response was to point out the sheer hypocrisy and untruthfulness of her statement when she said ” money-hungry politicians, who do not care about culture”. Clearly they do, even if their “care” is expressed in monetary terms.
    I think it they are leaving themselves open to a valid challenge on that point.
    Again… I did not challenge her “high carbon middle class lifestyle”,
    but merely pointed out the hypocrisy of her actions vs her stated beliefs.
    You may have gathered from my previous thoughts on the subject that I do not believe that if the climate changes, something it has done since the beginning of time, due to our “high carbon middle class lifestyle”, that we are all doomed.


  45. Mr G says:

    Money = care – the neo-lib formula.

    It’s curious the view of that someone like Eleanor, steeped in the arts as she is, is slated by Name Withheld as “hypocrisy”. It must be that Eleanor doesn’t understand the situation with arts in New Zealand, but Name Withheld does! A curious up-side down world here in the home paddock, isn’t it.
    You deeply involved in the art-scene, Name Withheld?


  46. Mr G says:

    superflous “that”


  47. RBG says:

    This is a comments thread on a blog post not a chat room. There’s no ‘abrubtly leaving the room’. I don’t expect quick answers. Besides I thought you farmers were really busy people, what with being the backbone of the country and all.


  48. RBG says:

    Sorry Name Withheld, getting you muddled up with the others here, you might not be a farmer


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