Mike Sabin resigns as MP

Northland MP Mike Sabin has announced his resignation from parliament.

. . . There have been reports Mr Sabin was being investigated by police over assault-related allegations, although neither Mr Sabin, the police or Prime Minister John Key would confirm that.

Mr Sabin announced in a short statement that he had decided to resign “due to personal issues that were best dealt with outside Parliament.”

He succeeded long-serving National MP John Carter in 2011. He had been a police officer then worked campaigning against drug abuse.

A resignation under these circumstances is unfortunate but it is the right thing to do.

The resignation will trigger a by-election.


29 Responses to Mike Sabin resigns as MP

  1. Ray says:

    Cue the gloating in 3…..2…..1…..

  2. Mr G says:

    “There have been reports Mr Sabin was being investigated by police over assault-related allegations, although neither Mr Sabin, the police or Prime Minister John Key would confirm that.”

    Why wouldn’t they confirm that?

    It’s very much in the public interest. Why would Key want to keep the public (that’s us) in the dark?

  3. Mr G says:

    Key’s mate Cam seems to be saying there’s something nasty in the woodpile:

    21 December 2014
    The National Party have been slow on the uptake, with the stories about Northland MP Mike Sabin’s repeated offending being known for about a month.
    Police have been investigating an assault complaint against government MP Mike Sabin……
    ……….The story itself, which National have sat on for weeks, is almost too horrible for words, and there is little doubt that there will be a by-election in Northland.
    This is the problem you get when you have an ethically challenged party hierarchy.

    Source: http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2014/12/coming-election-northland/

  4. Name Withheld says:

    Bingo Bob!

  5. Mr E says:

    News here:
    Green party members support Whaleoil.

  6. Mr G says:

    Exactly, Name Withheld! John’s friend Cam knew ages ago, so John knew, but he’s pretending his brain has gone all fadey!
    Cam’s not my cup of tea, but he’s a favourite of Key’s and seems to have the real oil on Sabin – and it sounds very unpleasant. Why won’t Key confirm the police investigation? Why does he hide this information from the public?
    I wish ‘ol Keeping Stock still commented here – he’d have plenty to say about this sort of thing – he hated corrupt behaviour from Helen Clark with a vengeance – he’ll be going ballistic over on Kiwiblog where he hangs out.

  7. farmerbraun says:

    I never heard of Sabin till now. If he hasn’t been charged with anything then there is no public interest, surely.
    If I never hear of him again . . . who cares?

  8. Mr G says:

    Because, farmerbraun, he was chairman of the law and order select committee. Should someone reportedly under police investigation have been left in that influential position?

    “Why wasn’t NZ Prime Minister John Key ‘straight up’ with the public – regarding (ex) Northland National MP Mike Sabin?

    Given that NZ is purported to be the SECOND ‘least corrupt country in the world’ – shouldn’t we be at least the SECOND most ‘transparent’, and expect our Prime Minister John Key to ‘lead by example’?

    “It is understood the National Party was first made aware of an assault complaint against National MP Mike Sabin weeks before the 2011 election but chose not to ask Mr Sabin to withdraw his candidacy.

    It is also understood that Mr Key was made aware of the allegation in April last year but chose to neither disclose this to the public nor ask the former police officer to stand down as chairman of the law and order select committee. … ”

    But – what sort of ethical standards do you expect from a Prime Minister whose ‘moral compass’, in my considered opinion, is stuck on ‘Wall Street’?”



  9. Mr G says:

    “If I never hear of him again . . . who cares?”
    You are good on farming, farmerbraun, but not so much on ethics.

  10. Mr E says:

    News here:
    Green party members support Whaleoil

    Same day that he refers to them as ‘Green Taliban’


  11. Mr G says:

    Mr E’s obsession with the Greens is clearly apparent here.
    Mike Sabin is not a Green, he was, til today, a National Party MP.
    He’s clearly done something very serious. Why, I wonder, is Key hiding that from the public?

  12. Dave Kennedy says:

    Mr E, perhaps the Greens were supporting a specific thing that Slater had said rather than the man himself?

  13. Mr E says:

    Mr G’s obsession with the Nats is clearly apparent here.

  14. Mr E says:

    Nope – through providing links greens have provided promotion. Not only of his views, but of his Blog. Free supporting advertising you might say.

    Followed the link, went there myself, thinking who is this man they are supporting, found criticism of the Green Party. Thought curious.

    Think I’ll have to keep a closer eye on Whaleoil. Thanks Green Party members.

  15. Mr G says:

    “Mr G’s obsession with the Nats is clearly apparent here.”

    What a ridiculous comment – this is a National Party-focussed blog, the post is about a National Party MP who resigned today, yet discussing Mike Sabin, the National Party and John Key’s boyfriend, Cam is deemed “obsessive”.
    This latest National Party embarrassment has stewed your brains, Mr E!

    How many Nat’s have left in disgrace now, or should have been chucked out – quite a number, from memory. Quite a number.

  16. Mr G says:

    As to the link to Slater, you are welcome, Mr E and I’m pleased you followed and read it.
    What did you think of what he said about Sabin and the National Party hierarchy?

  17. Mr G says:

    Mr E – you have not said one single substantive thing about Mike Sabin and his resignation – the subject of the post, not one single substantial thing. Ele will be along shortly to delete your posts for being off-topic 🙂

  18. jabba says:

    why all the interest over a low level MP resigning .. the real news is Russellllll Norman getting rolled as leader

  19. Mr G says:

    Why all the interest over a low level NAT MP resigning?
    Two words, jabba:



  20. farmerbraun says:

    “He’s clearly done something very serious.”

    How is it that you know that , but I don’t.?
    And if it is that serious and the evidence is compelling then why has he not been charged?
    No idea.

  21. Mr G says:

    “How is it that you know that , but I don’t.?”

    Don’t be too surprised by that, farmerbraun, after all you did say,
    “I never heard of Sabin till now.”
    I’ve been following Sabin and his predicament for some time now. Indications of serious trouble with the police and the likelihood of his having to resign or be fired by Key (fat chance!) has been high for months.

    Key should make clear what the situation is – after all, he’s known about the charges for some time, but he’s stonewalling, keeping the public ignorant for reasons of his own. The intelligent commentators are saying Key has no grounds to do that, but does it regardless of his responsibility as PM to the public.
    Go figure.

  22. jabba says:

    “I’ve been following Sabin and his predicament for some time now”. Creepy bOb, I mean Mr G .. life getting boring in your bush garden?

  23. Mr G says:

    Never boring here, Slobber, I mean Jabba!
    Creepy to read blogs?
    Can be. Certainly Mr E’s favourite blog “Well I’ll Be F*cked” is disturbing.

  24. jabba says:

    come on bOb, I mean Mr G .. you are a stalker and that is disturbing .. PLEASE go onto the hillbilliy website and check the charter, you need to regain control of your flaky emotions

  25. Mr G says:

    This is nice, Jibbly-Jobbly I mean Jabba. You are accusing me of being a stalker for no other reason than to try to smear. Nice behaviour from a right-winger. Your fellow right-wingers here, Mr E, TraceyS, JC, Paranormal etc will be proud of you for your unnecessary personal attack. Hold your head high, you make a great poster-boy for National, as if Sabin wasn’t bad enough. And the insulting-name thing, Jibbles I mean Jabba – Ele politely but firmly requested that we don’t do that anymore. Seems you were snoozing over your Tui at the time. Shape up, there’s a good attack-poodle.

  26. Name Withheld says:

    I don’t see anyone here defending Mr Sabin even though he does not seem to have been charged with anything.
    Not stopping the nasty party from kicking like a schoolyard bully though.
    So probably not a prudent move to froth so much Mr G. Especially from one sporting excessive facial growth. Tends to get messy looking very quickly. A bit like that creepy old uncle with bits of spaghetti peeking out that none of the nieces (or nephews) want to kiss at funerals.
    Oh sorry…..Did I say Creepy
    Someone else noticed that trait.

  27. Mr G says:

    Another of the anti-Green mob sweeps in with some personal insults! You people are hurting with this Sabin thing, aren’t you! Firing off personal insults in the place of reasoned defence of your “man down”. In the short time you’ve been on Homepaddock, Name Withheld, I’ve not read one single substantial thought from you, only personal attacks, none well-executed, in fact, all duller than dishwater. I’m surprised Ele lets you attend these meetings at all.
    I suppose having the innards of the National Party ripped open with this awful Sabin business does hurt, but personal attacks? I suppose it amuses you, Name Withheld. Have you considered standing as a National Party candidate? Perhaps in Sabin’s ex-seat?

  28. Mr G says:

    This guy on the standard picked National’s strategy at 10:51 am
    “Skinny 11.2
    30 January 2015 at 10:51 am
    If Norman is stepping down it’s likely to be either family reasons or a health issue. As far as I’m aware it’s not an internal party matter. Key and their spin merchants will be crunching whether to choose the timing to stand Sabin down. I would assume Key will over the weekend. This is if Norman steps down of course.”

  29. jabba says:

    wow wow wow .. on the Newstalk ZB Facebook page, a woman called Casey has told all the readers what Mike is being investigated for.
    1/ if true, then he is in trouble .. BIG trouble.
    2/ if not true, she, and a few others, should be charged with libel.
    Amazing how people find others guilty before all the facts are on the table.

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