Dear Auckland

Dear Auckland,

Happy anniversary.

If you’re looking for something to do on your this one-day holiday perhaps you could put your mind to finding a candidate for the mayoralty who would lead the city as it needs to be led.

Like it or not, and many of those of in the rest of the country who are still the majority don’t, what happens in and to Auckland matters to us all.

If you’re poorly led with inefficient transport, too few houses to meet demand and generally performing well below your potential then you’re dragging down the rest of us too.

You’re our most populous city. How hard can it be to find just one candidate among those hundreds of thousands or people who can be a really good mayor?

And it would be helpful if you came up with just one really good candidate so the vote doesn’t get split and allow another less than optimal candidate to come through.

I don’t see the need for party politics in local body affairs and would prefer a mayor unencumbered by party allegiances, but where the candidate comes from isn’t as important as where s/he will go and take the city.

There’s less than two years until the next local body elections.

You need to find someone soon so s/he can start working to get the support needed to win and win with a team of able people to work with her/him for the good of the city and the country.

Enjoy your day off, but please, use it to start finding someone who you, and New Zealand, can be proud to call your mayor.

Yours really sincerely,

The rest of NZ.

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