Lone voice not answer

The ODT editorialises on climate change and concludes:

. . . No sudden shift in policy by the Government will stop the forces of nature. Mr Groser says New Zealand is taking a balanced approach to climate change and New Zealand is playing its part in avoiding imposing excessive costs on households and businesses.

In that sentence is the nub of the problem. The New Zealand economy is going against the trend seen in Australia, Japan and the euro zone with economic growth set to rise in the coming year. Imposing energy charges on households and businesses will slow growth and put jobs at risk.

Climate change is an important issue for communities facing previously unheard weather conditions but New Zealand being a lone voice on change is not the answer. A balanced approach is the best solution.


Sustainability is the balance of economic, environmental and social considerations.

Handicapping the economy and hurting the poor by imposing excessive costs which would have little if any impact on the climate would be the triumph of politics over science and common sense.


27 Responses to Lone voice not answer

  1. “Quite”

    How quaint.


  2. It would be fair and reasonable, don’t you think, Ele, to allow me to comment unhindered by “moderation”, the way every other commenter here is able to comment? After all, having comments held back for hours and hours as mine were yesterday, ruins any chance of a flowing discussion and create frustration – just look at what happened to Mr E – he blew his top!


  3. homepaddock says:

    When your comments were moderated last year you gave your word you would adhere to my rules. You broke your word which is why your comments are moderated again.

    I went out for lunch yesterday then came home to prepare a meal for 30 people – Aussie farm tourists and a few local strays. The first opportunity I had to look at the computer was when they left last night.

    The Aussies are about to come back and I’ll be with them for the next few hours.


  4. This graph says it all – National has the country increasing our emissions considerably, missing their stated target by a country mile.



  5. Mr E says:

    I like this quote from your Editor and it tends to reflect what the Government is trying to achieve with unilateral agreement.

    Tim Grosers approach on this issue, is what I would consider ideal. In fact I am extremely impressed with Grosers politics. He speaks clearly and effectively on the issue.

    I also like your above quotes Ele. Your fair reasoning seems just to me.


  6. farmerbraun says:

    Freedom of speech is kind of topical , isn’t it? 🙂


  7. 2015 = 2014, Ele?
    Though it’s enjoyable and maybe even profitable to discuss and challenge ideas here on Homepaddock, the barrier of delayed publishing of my comments is too frustrating for me, so I’ll retire (again) to my ivory tower to glower. It’s particularly galling for me, as just recently, farmerbraun re-entered the arena and I like the way he thinks and how he/she considers the ideas of those of us who don’t toe the blue party line. Farmerbraun, I’ve been thinking hard and reading widely over the past 6 months, on agriculture, from it’s inception til now and have compiled ideas and what I believe will be solutions to many of the ills that bedevil it. Perhaps you will continue to press the conservative elements of the industry to self-reflect and move with some urgency toward real and responsible change. In any case, I’ll watch and see, in the hope that you bring up some of the ideas that I have been ruminating on. I do wish RGB was here also, but I suspect he became dismayed at the bone-headedness he was subject to here and buggered off to greener pastures 🙂 Dave’s a trooper but I fear that his standing alone here will cause him harm of a sort that’s not obvious to those who slag him and his Green Party off. In any case, my wife says I’m wasting my time here and she’s frequently correct in her judgements. I’ll be presenting my ideas on how to live a green and productive life on Country Calendar sometime this year, so if you are a television -watcher, you’ll be able to switch off the moment I appear, so that’ll give you no end of satisfaction, I expect – something to look forward to there!
    See you in the soup!


  8. TraceyS says:

    Robert is free to write “flowing”ly at his own blog, which he has been doing I see, calling Homepaddock commenters names, and revealing that he comments here to support poor Dave (who’s been abandoned by AC, Vivk, and it now appears, RBG), frustrate others, and to be disliked “as you’d expect”. He should also expect moderation having been warned repeatedly.

    Robert cried that moderation “create(s) frustration” when that is the game he himself plays, intentionally, to annoy others.


  9. RBG says:

    Yes, Homepaddock is free to repeat absolute bullshit about New Zealand being at risk of being a ‘lone voice’ on climate change. FFS thanks to National and Groser New Zealand’s GHGs are RISING and there are NO plans to change that! But carrying on congratulating yourselves for screwing the climate. Key’s government will go down in history (along with Abbott and Harper) as greedy selfish bastards who made the problem worse. Happy New Year to you delusional right wing blinkered self satisfied lot.


  10. Mr E says:

    I used to comment over at Roberts blog. That was until I was censored out by Roberts access restrictions. I tend not to care about his blog anymore. I doubt it will ever take off.

    Name calling your say? Am I surprised by Roberts apparent backstabbing of Homepaddock commenters on his own blog? Not really as the sound like the desperate actions of somebody constantly losing the debate.

    There was a time that Robert’s mind was sharp as a tack. I fear that is not long the case?

    Sadly age affects us all. Some things degenerate faster than other things.


  11. Mr E says:

    *they sound like *
    *no longer*

    I wish age would improve my will to spell check.


  12. RBG says:

    Bit quick to write me off TraceyS weren’t you.


  13. Mr E says:

    Welcome back RBG.

    Such unhappy wrath. Nice to know you are reading and paying attention though. Even if you fail to put forward much of anything but emotional sound bites.

    It is very satisfying to me that my point is being made to left leaning political interests. All most unanswered accept for the likes of Robert and Dave.

    Ever think you might be letting the team down with your rare ranting? As Tracey suggests, seemingly abandoning others. Does that worry you?

    By the way – I doubt Robert is right wing.


  14. farmerbraun says:

    RBG says:
    January 13, 2015 at 11:10 am
    . . . FFS thanks to National and Groser New Zealand’s GHGs are RISING .

    I think that almost anybody reading this column will realise quickly that the above statement is completely without foundation.
    Let’s stick with the scientific method ; it makes for a more interesting discussion and it allows conflicting views to be given due consideration.


  15. TraceyS says:

    I don’t write anyone off, RBG. Sorry you still have your ‘chip’. It looks heavy. Or maybe it’s just the cloud of doom put there by those older than you who should know better than cause younger generations to consider themselves their own worst enemies?


  16. Dave Kennedy says:

    “Sustainability is the balance of economic, environmental and social considerations.”

    And this means ensuring that we extract and use our natural resources sustainably over time and ensure our population are health, well housed and well educated and skilled.

    Sadly we are abusing our natural resources, and too many people in New Zealand are unhealthy. low skilled and poorly housed. This is a huge drain on our economy.

    The most successful economies are the most equal and New Zealand has the fastest growing inequality in the OECD.

    We are also reliant on exporting raw commodities in highly volatile markets.

    We have a long way to go to get the balance right, Ele.


  17. Paranormal says:

    DK “Sadly …. and too many people in New Zealand are unhealthy. low skilled and poorly housed.” And whose fault is that?

    Social welfare settings luring people into the poverty trap, that you only want to strengthen, is a real concern.

    You are right, it is a huge drain on the economy. Sadly green policy will only worsen it.


  18. Mr E says:

    “New Zealand has the fastest growing inequality in the OECD. ”

    Honestly, where do you get this stuff Dave? During the 2000s income inequality fell and at the last assessment was still falling. This at a time when the OECD average income inequality is rising.

    I’m really starting to feel uncomfortable at constantly catching you out promoting nonsense.

    Please Dave, I will appeal to your sensibility, can you check your facts a little better?


  19. RBG says:

    ‘Letting the side down’, no, I had a low carbon holiday and a break from reading blogs. No chip on my shoulder. If I’ve got the time I’ll point out bullshit when I see it. These comment threads so often end up being about the person (eg ‘letting the side down’ chips on shoulders etc) it gets really boring. So back on topic, farmerbraun, NZs GHG emissions are rising, where have you got ‘scientific evidence’ from that they are not?


  20. farmerbraun says:

    C’mon RBG you know that is not what I said.
    I challenged you to produce the evidence that NZ GHG emissions are rising . . . ” thanks to JK and TG”.

    I doubt that JK and TG have anything to do with it.
    And while you’re at it , tell us by how much NZ carbon sequestration is increasing , so that we can get the NET effect ; emissions are only half the story . . . as you know.


  21. Mr E says:

    Tracey, you were right. People are abandoning Dave. This time it is Robert, at a time where he is “fearing” for him. Crickey!!!! How dramatic!!!! O’l Steely turns out, not so Steely. A simple delay in publishing has forced retirement. At a time in need!!! Crickey!!!!

    But it is worse than that. He has abolished himself to a tower with an angry look on his face. I can see that as riveting viewing country calendar!!! Riveting!!!!

    Dave, should we worry for you? Is there something I can do to help ‘Wee Fell Fell’? You just give me the nod and you know I will be there.

    Ele, your word of the day must be “chutzpah”? Please tell me it is so?

    PS, Ele, what fun you blog has turn out to be, for me.


  22. Ray says:

    I had a low carbon holiday
    Now there’s environmental smugness taken to Master level!


  23. RBG says:

    You lot get stuck into Dave Kennedy about his fossil fuel use, so I decide to mention that my holiday was low carbon, to make it clear that I ‘walk the walk’ not just ‘talk the talk’, but that won’t do either because its being ‘smug’. Farmerbraun, are you claiming Key and Groser have nothing to do with policies (such as encouraging oil drilling and gutting the ETS) which will continue to cause our emissions to rise?


  24. Mr E says:

    I’m sure Dave comes here voluntarily, and I’m quite sure he gets some reward out of his contributions. I also know he gets a few compliments here. So I can’t support you in your violin playing. And actually if I am being fair, I think your defence of Dave is a little condescending. He’s a politician and I am quite sure he can stick up for himself.
    Morally you could be right, many on blogs probably should treat others better, but countering that is your gross generalisations and phrases like “you delusional right wing blinkered self satisfied lot.”
    I doubt comments like that will see any bridges being built.


  25. TraceyS says:

    Nothing will “cause our emissions to rise” like a significant drop in the price of oil.

    I suppose RGB will blame Key and Groser regardless.


  26. Mr E says:

    Fuel price drops will be bad for fuel companies reducing the ‘evil’ profits they make.
    Must be confusing being a green, wanting less profits, but also less fuel use.


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