Freedom only for those with whom agree?

Judith Collins’ first column in the Sunday Star Times has provoked an outpouring from the left about media bias and right-wing conspiracies.

The column was about an issue of health and safety in the building industry which a constituent brought to her notice.

It wasn’t party political. It’s highlighting the sort of issue which comes to MPs’ notice and which the good ones act on.

The condemnation from the left wasn’t universal. Brian Edwards  defended the column.

But others from that end of the spectrum threatened to cancel their subscriptions.

They appear to not grasp the concept that freedom of expression isn’t only for those whose opinions with which you agree.




4 Responses to Freedom only for those with whom agree?

  1. Deborah says:

    It is indeed freedom of expression even for those with whom you don’t agree. But that doesn’t mean that you are required to support someone’s expression with your subscription money. Consumer boycotts are a perfectly legitimate way of expressing disagreement.

    Also, the big concern with respect to freedom of expression is when voices are silenced by the state. You would have to argue that the Sunday Star Times is in fact an organ of the state before you could also argue that Ms Collins’ freedom of expression is being assailed.


  2. Paranormal says:

    Deborah, there is nothing more chilling on democracy than the shills on the left with their boycotts and attempts to shut down free speech. Stalin and Goebbels were much the same in that they loved free speech – that they agreed with.

    To allege the Sunday Snide Whines is an organ of the state really shows your bias. In reality the move to bring Judith Collins on as a columnist is a smart move from a business enterprise to try and stem the falling readership of what is otherwise a tawdry leftist rag.


  3. RBG says:

    Reading comprehension fail Paranormal. Deborah said ‘you WOULD HAVE to argue that the SST is in fact an organ of the state BEFORE you could also argue that Ms Collins’ freedom of expression is being assailed’. Deborah did not ‘allege’ that the SST IS an organ of the state. And she made the point that people cancelling their subscriptions is a consumer boycott. Thats the ‘free market’ at work, I thought you lot were in favour of that.


  4. Paranormal says:

    RPG I accept your criticism of my hurriedly written comment.

    However Deborah still deserves the acrimony. Suggesting that minority political campaigns to influence freedom of speech are a good thing is just plain wrong. Political pressure to change editorial opinion is quite a different thing to individuals deciding to take their subscription money elsewhere, as I did. Where do you on the left hide your moral and ethical compasses?


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