Long lunching

Shammi Sandhu who guided us round India in October owns Mantra, an Indian restaurant in Arrowtown.

It was one of those who supports the annual Arrowtown Long Lunch which raises money for charitable projects.

While we were in India Shammi suggested we all join her at the lunch in our saris and turbans.

On Friday 15 on the 18 who toured plus some friends and others from previous tours dressed as requested joined the sold-out crowd of 400 for four hours of fine food and fun.

The ODT reports on the lunch here.

We stayed at Millbrook. We hadn’t been there for several years and it’s grown a lot. It was very busy but, as always, a wonderful place to relax.

On Saturday we met again for a second long lunch at Gibston Valley Winery. This wasn’t for charitable purposes, it was just another excuse to enjoy fine food, matched with wine, and have fun with friends.

One of us hadn’t been to the area before and was wide eyed at the beauty of the scenery. Those of us more familiar with it were reminded once again how blessed we are to have somewhere like this so close to home.



One Response to Long lunching

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    You live in a beautiful part of the world, Hp. I would happily move there, but SWMBO reckons with 8 grandchildren in the North Island and only two in the South – between Alex. and Clyde – we are to remain North Islanders.
    Ah well. We can still visit as long as the ferries hold together.

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