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Aberglaube – belief in things beyond the certain and verifiable; superstition.

Friday’s answers


Thursday’s questions were:

1. Who said: We must plant the sea and herd its animals using the sea as farmers instead of hunters. That is what civilization is all about – farming replacing hunting.?

2. Which New Zealand Prime Minister was known as Farmer Bill?

3. It’s ferme in French, fattoria in Italian, granja in Spanish and pāmu in Maori, what is it in English?

4. What are Awassi, Dorper and Ryeland?

5. Do you own gumboots and if so when was the last time you wore them?

Points for answers:

Gravedodger wins a virtual bunch of peonies for five right with a bonus for extra information.

David and Chris also win a virtual bunch of roses for five right.

Willdwan and PDM got three right.

Answers follow the break:

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Working for working


Quote of the week:

If you want people to have jobs in New Zealand, then you’ve got to do the things this Government’s done.

If Labour want to adopt those policies they probably don’t need a commission, they just need to join us and we’ll have a bipartisan view on what’s good for small business – John Key.


While Labour sits around talking to their work committee, National will be busy growing the economy to create 170,000 new jobs by mid-2017.

There are no fast and easy ways to create jobs.

All governments can do is implement policies which give people the confidence to invest in their businesses and reduce the risks and costs of employing people.

Among those polices are those which keep inflation,  interest rates and compliance costs low, and deliver flexible employment law.

These policies are working for New Zealand and more people are working because of them.

 Our focus on growing the economy will deliver more jobs and higher wages for New Zealanders.

December 5 in history


63 BC Cicero read the last of his Catiline Orations.

663 – Fourth Council of Toledo.

1360 The French Franc was created.

1408 – Emir Edigu of Golden Horde reached Moscow.

1484  Pope Innocent VIII issued the Summis desiderantes, a papal bull that deputised Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger as inquisitors to root out alleged witchcraft in Germany and led to one of the most oppressive witch hunts in European history.

1492  Christopher Columbus became the first European to set foot on the island of Hispaniola, now Haiti.

1496 – King Manuel I of Portugal issued  a decree of expulsion of “heretics” from the country.

1590 – Niccolò Sfondrati became Pope Gregory XIV.

1766  James Christie held his first sale.

1830 Christina Rossetti, English poet, was born  (d. 1894).

1839 George Armstrong Custer, American general, was born (d. 1876

1848 California Gold Rush: US President James K. Polk confirmed that large amounts of gold had been discovered in California.

1859 John Jellicoe, British admiral, was born (d. 1935).

1872  Harry Nelson Pillsbury, American chess player, was born  (d. 1906).

1879 Clyde Cessna, American aeroplane manufacturer, was born (d 1954).

1890 New Zealand’s first one-man-one-vote election took place.
First 'one man one vote' election

1901 Walt Disney, American animated film producer, was born (d. 1966).

1932  German-born Swiss physicist  Albert Einstein was granted an American visa.

1932  Little Richard, American singer and pianist, was born.

1933 Prohibition in the United States ended when : Utah ratified the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution, thus establishing the required 75% of states needed to enact the amendment (this overturned the 18th Amendment which had made the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol illegal in the United States).

1938  J. J. Cale, American songwriter, was born.

1943  Abyssinia Crisis: Italian troops attacked Wal Wal in Abyssinia, taking four days to capture the city.

1936 The Soviet Union adopted a new constitution and the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic was established as a full Union Republic of the USSR.

1945 Flight 19 was lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

1955 E.D. Nixon and Rosa Parks led the Montgomery Bus Boycott

1957 Sukarno expelled all Dutch people from Indonesia.

1958  Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) was inaugurated in the UK by Queen Elizabeth II when she spoke to the Lord Provost in a call from Bristol to Edinburgh.

1958 The Preston bypass, the UK‘s first stretch of motorway, opened to traffic for the first time.

1963 Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards, English ski jumper was born.

1964 Captain Roger Donlon was awarded the first Medal of Honor of the Vietnam War.

1983  Dissolution of the Military Junta in Argentina.

2005 – The Lake Tanganyika earthquake caused significant damage, mostly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

2005 – The Civil Partnership Act came into effect in the United Kingdom, and the first civil partnership was registered there.

2006 Commodore Frank Bainimarama overthrew the government in Fiji.

2007 – Westroads Mall massacre: A gunman opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at an Omaha mall, killing eight people before taking his own life.

2012 – At least 8 people were killed and 12 others injured after a 5.6 earthquake struck Iran’s South Khorasan Province.

Sourced from NZ History Online & Wikipedia

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