Little majority really Little minority

Labour’s undemocratic constitution means some members are more equal than others.

Some, for example, get more than one vote.

A member who is also a member of an affiliate union gets two votes and one who is also an MP gets three.

That means that while the party’s new leader Andrew Little won 50.52% of the votes they came from fewer than 50% of the voters.

When some members are more equal than others, getting more than half the votes isn’t the same as getting the support of more than half the voters.

This is a case not of a Little majority as a Little minority, the exact size of which depends on how many of his supporters had two or three votes.

He has won the leadership on the strength of the unequal power in the party which gives some members more than one vote.

That makes the base from which he has to build party unity even smaller.

One of his other challenges is to restore internal discipline and the behaviour of some MPs at the press conference wasn’t a good start:

One Response to Little majority really Little minority

  1. Angry Tory says:

    Who cares. That’s another 6 years of half-left National government at least.


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