Homeopathy vs ebola?

Understatement of the year:

Green MP Steffan Browning says giving his support to a call for the World Health Organisation to deploy homeopathic remedies to combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa was ‘probably pretty unwise’.

Just a little unwise?

Mr Browning this week signed a petition started by Australian Fran Sheffield which calls on the World Health Organisation (WHO) to “End the suffering of the Ebola crisis. Test and distribute homeopathy as quickly as possible to contain the outbreaks.” . . .

Asked whether he thought homeopathy could cure Ebola, Mr Browning said: “It’s not for me to go down that track at all.

The World Health Organisation, world health authorities are doing that.”

“They will be considering I hope absolutely every possible options to this very concerning disease.”

Asked whether that should include homeopathy, he said “Why not?”

“Internationally homeopathy is considered in some places.. I am not an expert but I assume they will look at that as much as a number of other options.” . .

You don’t have to be an expert to know this:
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22 Responses to Homeopathy vs ebola?

  1. J Bloggs says:

    Somewhere in the Green Party HQ, party stategists are weeping into their coffee

  2. pdm says:

    The Greens remind me of what that 1950’s Italian Nino Culotta called Australians – They are a weird mob!!!

  3. Paranormal says:

    That’s a huge assumption there J Bloggs.

    I think you’ll find somewhere in the Green Party HQ, party stategists are gnashing their teeth and wailing against the unfairness of it all that the world is so mainstream and no-one really understands the issues like they do……

  4. J Bloggs says:

    Paranormal: I happen agree with Danyl’s summation over on Dim post…

    Here’s why this Steffan Browning/Ebola/Homeopathy thing is a really big deal for the Green Party. (a) Historically they’ve been stereotyped by their opponents as a bunch of nutters (b) The main focus of the party for the past five years – at least – has been to counter that perception and convince voters that they’re a sober and credible political alternative. (c) Arguing that homeopathy should be used to cure Ebola is so fucking crazy it instantly undermines a lot of that work and reveals to the public that at least one of the MPs in the party is a total nutcase.

    So the strategists who have been driving that “respectable” image are pounding their heads against the wall in frustration as one elected representitive publicly undoes years of hard work.

    As far as politcal own goals go – it’s a doozy

  5. Paranormal says:

    Apologies J Bloggs you and Danyl are right about the strategists attempts to ‘mainline’ the nutbar party. Perhaps it’s their activists and supporters I was thinking of that will be gnashing their teeth and wailing at the unfairness of it all…

  6. tranquil says:

    It’s a pity there’s not a vaccine against stupidity. I think the Greens could do with a few doses of such a vaccine.

  7. Willdwan says:

    The Greens put this dingbat on their list.

    Says it all.

  8. Mr E says:

    Eating breakfast the green way. A short fiction story by Mr E.

    Wake up to the sound of a rooster crowing as the sun rises.
    Smile at the joy of life
    Think of all the pest control the rooster has achieved during his evening jaunt in the vege patch. Frown at the thought of native caterpillars being murdered by a Giant pecking beast.

    Arise from the cotton woollen and duck feather beading. Smile at the thought of all natural. Frown at the thought of nutrients that are lost from cotton and sheep farms, and the thought of ducks defecating in rivers. Frown at the endless concerns of sustainability.

    Consider the relief from ablutions – Worry about what happens when the toilet flushes. Choose the outdoor composting toilet instead, smile at the cleverness of it. Frown holding nose using it. Worry about the nutrient hotspot it creates, gases emitted, worry about polluting own back yard with heavy metals. Frown.

    Shower – enjoy the fresh sent of soap purchased from the local farmers market. Worry about the source of fat/oil for the soap- worry about the soap running down the drain- wince at the feel of the fluoride poisoned water. Cover eyes with one hand, mouth and nose with the other, block drain with big toe hoping for a miracle. Give up. Frown.

    Beautify ones self smiling at the use of non animal tested products. Frown at the thought of the energy spent making the mirror, and ceramic vanity. Quit beautifying in protest. Decide – less is more, unkempt is a badge of honour. Catch a glimpse of unkempt in the mirror. Frown.

    Dress and repeat the happiness of natural textiles followed by disappointment in sustainability cycle. Frown.

    Find Roberto, the resident woofer making omelettes for breakfast using eggs from own chickens, spinach from the garden home made olive oil from the farmers market on the wood driven stove.
    Settle down to a paper, coffee and breakfast. Read in the paper concerns about fair trade, spit coffee out. Consider tipping coffee down sink, think of nutrients entering water, choose to throw on the garden, subsequently worry about killing native insects.

    Read in the paper – success in the Dairy sector, decide to write a letter to the editor complaining about low pay to dairy sector staff, and concerns about international food safety and botulism. Frown at the lack of food safety tests on omelette being eaten. Worry about homemade olive oil. Frown.

    Order Roberto out to dig weeds from garden, and relocate any resident insects to the neighbours boundary. Smile at how easy it is to achieve tasks in a sustainable way. Work out that board and food is only costing around $150/week for the woofer, smile, compare it to minimum wage, frown, rapidly distract mind to another topic.

    Write a letter to Jeanette thanking her for recommending Roberto. Ask if she is still ‘swanning’ around while woofers do the work. Realise the hypocritical nature of two letters – frown.

    Finish omelette, worry about the implications of free labour suffering from food safety issues. Feel stomach rumble. Consider ablutions. Frown.

  9. TraceyS says:

    So funny Mr E. You remind me of many (but not all) of my former anxieties. Just add children…

    Now tomorrow, how about a real day in the life of Mr E?

    I will, if you will. Believing in reciprocation-n-all: makes the world go round!

  10. TraceyS says:

    PS. you really must remunerate your woofer better. Even if he is happy working for board and keep you must tell him that he should not be! Also if you correct this situation by paying him proper wages then the Govt won’t be cheated out of taxes and then they can feed the kids because apparently we can’t rely on parents to do that.

  11. Dave Kennedy says:

    It’s a bit unfortunate but just to bring some perspective and balance to this slip up of Steffan’s: http://localbodies-bsprout.blogspot.co.nz/2014/10/the-greens-are-wacky.html

  12. Paranormal says:

    The linkwhore says “A deep breath, less hysteria and a little bit of thought will reveal which party is really the wackiest.”

    Maybe if Steffffan had taken a deep breath and thought about the consequences, Green activists might not be in a position of defending the indefensible.

    Funny, thats just like the rest of their policy and, maybe not so surprisingly, your prognostications DK.

  13. Dave Kennedy says:

    Paranormal, I’m not defending Steffan’s unwise signing of an online petition, merely pointing out that the almost hysterical response to it is out of proportion when you think of what other MPs and Ministers have done. What I described in my blog post has cost the country hugely and, on the scale of wackiness, far exceeds Steffan’s unfortunate error.

  14. JacknJill says:

    “It’s a bit unfortunate”
    “Steffan’s unwise signing of an online petition”
    Oh the spin….The spin.
    The man is an amusing idiot. Much like yourself, Mr Kennedy.

  15. Dave Kennedy says:

    When is admitting a mistake spin, JacknJill? You are good at dishing out abuse and putdowns but weak in contributing to real debate. National trawls Facebook to find dirt on the opposition and screams ‘cazy’ when they find something.

    Surely National supporters should spend less time chucking stones the opposition (when there have been plenty of National MPs who have been poorer performers than Steffan), and concentrate on sorting out the environment, the economy ($60 billion Government debt) and the housing shortage (how many new lower cost houses after 6 years in Government?).

    Do you support spending $26 million on a new flag rather than feeding hungry kids?

    I do question where the National Government and its supporters concentrate their energy.

  16. JacknJill says:

    “weak in contributing to real debate.”

    If you think the premise….
    End the suffering of the Ebola crisis. Test and distribute homeopathy as quickly as possible to contain the outbreaks

    Is even worthy of debate…
    Then my description of you and Mr Browning is a little restrained I think.
    I would remove the ‘a’ word from it.

  17. Dave Kennedy says:

    JacknJill, there is no debate about this, the Green Party did not support Steffan signing the petition, Steffan publicly stated that he made a mistake and removed his signature. Our health policy requires that we have proper testing and evidence behind medical treatments:

    “All services should be provided to the highest possible level of quality (accessibility, acceptability, effectiveness, efficiency and safety) as determined by service users, peer review, audits, and the community at large. Services must be subject to continuous quality improvement.”

    I will not argue with you regarding the value of Homeopathy as we probably agree about its ability to deal with Ebola. I agree with the chart that Ele used to support the post.

    What it comes down to is how Steffan’s petition signing mistake is managed and I suggest we could look at how the National Government has managed its errant MPs:

    1) Peter Dunne’s leaking of state secrets – Make him a Minister
    2) Judith Collins’ conflicts of interests, passing on privileged information to a blogger and slandering a journalist – Defend her as long as possible and allow her to continue as an MP.
    3) John Banks blatant disregard of transparency and general dishonesty – refuse to read judgements and keep him on for his vote until he is finally convicted.
    4) Nick Smith’s conflict of interest – Step him down as Minister for a bit then elevate him again.
    5) Gerry Brownlee’s inaccurate slagging off of Finland, causing international embarrassment and ridicule – Keep him on a senior Minister in cabinet.

    I would also suggest that Steffan’s record and general behaviour isn’t anything like improperly using the a parliamentary credit card and employing a partner in their office or threatening a innocent waiter with sacking via the Prime Minister.

    Or did i misunderstand your point?

  18. TraceyS says:

    If Browning is a nutter, and I doubt that is truly the case, it is not so much for his comments and support for homeopathy but for signing anything late at night and without a clear head. However,he should also know better than to generalise publicly about a treatment that worked once for a one child.

    Signing something without thinking is deeply concerning from a person in public office.

    We, the public, must be able to trust that the squiggle of our representatives has not been given here and there without proper insight, consideration, and overall consciousness. Even if a decision turns out to be wrong, which some inevitably will, the decision is better to be made consciously. An unconscious decision which, by chance, turns out to be right is nothing more than a favourable guess and the person making it has no place as a public representative in my view.

  19. Dave Kennedy says:

    Tracey, the petition did say that any remedy should be properly tested, but I accept it wasn’t a good thing to do. I am not disagreeing with the concerns. it is the consequences that I am debating and given the mistakes of other that I listed above, what should be the course of action. How did National manage Gerry’s unfortunate comments about Finland? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnDnFUBWQsQ

  20. Mr E says:

    To answer your question. My weekend was dedicated to another. A neighbour who’s aged body has stopped delivering the lifestyle that his mind desires.
    Today my aged body is telling me that my minds generosity has a cost. The broken bits that have become arthritic, don’t squeak, rather grind, and the bits that have been operated on, that I rely on the most, feel close to ceasing. I’m walking like a staunch cowboy. Not because I think I am tough, because I’m rigid like a surf board.

    When you are confronted with a nice old fella, close to tears, what do you do? You do what any kiwi would do, you find your heart melting and priorities changing.

    There are tangible benefits. This old fella knows 5 generations of my family, some of which I have no knowledge of. This old fella tells me stories of a bygone error, not present in books. This old fella knows things, I cant put a value on.

    Today I tell myself my pain is not a cost, rather a badge of honour. It motivates me to extend the list of jobs that need to be done. For the mean time, I know I warmed an old heart, fed an old body, and eased a stressed mind.

  21. Mr E says:

    You keep repeating Steffan made a mistake. That appears to be an almost hysterical response.

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