Blogging lighter

For some time now the tension between blogging and other items on my things-to-do list has been increasing.

Something has to give, at least for a little while it will be blogging.

I’m not giving up completely.

At the very least the history and word of the day posts will continue and I’ll endeavour to provide a post with a quote or something else to stimulate thought and discussion, but there won’t always be anything else.

The thing to always remember, Is that what you do, or don't do, today, is what matters most.<br /><br />
~ The Universe<br /><br />
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11 Responses to Blogging lighter

  1. Andrei says:

    Post Election blogging burnout?

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all – if that be the case


  2. Mr E says:

    Regardless of where this blog goes, I thank you Ele for your hard work to enable us all to come here an comment and share our views.



  3. Tony Stuart says:

    You worked like a Trojan to help the government get re-elected Ele; you deserve a break. Make the most of it 😀


  4. Gravedodger says:

    I, along with many others have marveled at the unbroken commitment your unique Blog has delivered for so long.
    I first visited for the rural tint but then became subsumed by your well grounded, pashionate and articulate personal view of matters political.

    As a contributor to a blog with several authors I have only a passing feeling for the tremendous effort required from one running a “Blog sole” at the “Le mans” level you have maintained, even when on matters of travel and any other real life commitments.
    I well recall the comment, sotto voce, from your farmer on meeting another “blogger”, said in a kindly if somewhat resigned way.

    Tony above would have a true grasp on what it takes.

    Rest assured, I for one will pass by and enjoy whatever the reduced output delivers.

    C’est la vie and merci or muchas gracias from Paradise.


  5. jabba says:

    yes, a well earned rest will do you good


  6. madbushfarm says:

    So sorry to read this Ele you have a great blog. Hope we see you back soon!


  7. J Bloggs says:

    I concur with all of the above posts, and add a polite plea for you to keep the Thursday quizes as well, if it’s not too much…:)


  8. fredinthegrass says:

    I sense, Hp, you will still have a very full day. Hopefully “your farmer” will get to share more of it with you.
    Your blogging is much appreciated – thank you for for your wisdom and insight.


  9. homepaddock says:

    Thank you all for those kind remarks.


  10. jabba says:

    is bOb ok?


  11. Bingo Bob says:

    Yes Jabba I’m fine…or we’re you referring to the other Bob?
    Ele has been a marvel. Rest easy.


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