Labour needs mental health break

Advice from Trans Tasman:

MPs and activists are both physically and emotionally exhausted – election campaigns do this to you. To lose this badly is also demoralising. Going into an intense “review” – AKA Blame Game – over the campaign right now is not going to produce an optimal result. Nor is the awful, addictive frenzy of a leadership campaign going to deliver anything other than more division and chaos. So here’s a proposal: a short-term truce, a ceasefire, between Labour’s internal combatants.
So, go away for a month. Talk to people – but not political people. In fact, if you meet a political activist from your own or any other party, make your excuses and leave.
Instead, go and talk to people whose interest in politics is minimal. Find out why John Key was better able to connect with them than you were. This does not mean talking politics with them: talk about their lives – and, yes, what matters to them. Listen to what they have to say. It might surprise you. Then come back to Parliament in a month. You’ll be re-charged, reinvigorated, and will have a better perspective on things. Only then can you make sensible decisions.
But of course, to do this, you’ll need to trust your party opponents. Ah.
Problem right there, isn’t there?

The advice was given before David Cunliffe announced he was resigning and seeking re-election.

Instead of a rest, the party will be thrown into a leadership campaign which could well be as enervating as the election was.

One Response to Labour needs mental health break

  1. Willdwan says:

    Really good advice, wasted no doubt. What would I say to these strange people?

    “Those new taxes – oh my God…so much tax!


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