Nothing positive or progressive

Sir Bob Jones on Labour:

. . . Most of all they should embrace the modern age and recognise that social and economic salvation and uplifting the underclass does not simplistically lie in ever increasing taxes on the industrious and thrifty and their transfer to the indolent. There’s nothing positive or progressive about that. . .

Throwing money at problems didn’t work when Labour was last in government.

National’s policy of careful targeting of help at those in  most need and where it will do most good is working.

5 Responses to Nothing positive or progressive

  1. Andrei says:

    Labour’s waffling about the poor rings hollow coming from a man who lives in a $5 million “doer upper” in Herne Bay.

    Lifting people from the “underclass” cannot be done with money, it actually requires a spiritual transformation – and National doesn’t get that bit either

  2. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – money is part of the solution, but only part and National does get that.

  3. Paranormal says:

    Got to take my hat off to Paula Bennet for breaking the poverty cycle with far fewer teenagers entering the welfare system.

    The country will benefit from that for years to come. Sadly her hard work will be undone if the Greens & Liarbour get the treasury benches.

  4. TraceyS says:

    “Lifting people from the “underclass” cannot be done with money, it actually requires a spiritual transformation…”

    I agree with that, Andrei. But rather than your dig which follows, I would add that only those who have made the journey themselves really understand the transformation required.

    Not many people do unfortunately. And those who do may not be drawn to politics as a career.

    Can you name one or two?

    Definitely not David Cunliffe. I refer to people who were born into the quagmire – not just those whose families happened not to be particularly privileged. It is easy to get from being not-very-wealthy to quite-comfortable-thanks-very-much. No spiritual transformation is required.

    But to make any achievements from the absolute barrel-bottom of your society to a better position both socially and financially – very much harder!

  5. TraceyS says:

    What gratitude are such people shown in this country?

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