While we are working

Prime Minister-elect John Key is already working on forming the new government to keep on working for New Zealand and expects parliament to being sitting on October 20th.

Meanwhile Labour is focussing on itself and its leader.



5 Responses to While we are working

  1. J Bloggs says:

    Hey be fair – it’s not as if Labour have much else to do today


  2. jabba says:

    if I was Labour, I would be bold and select someone like Kelvin Davis as leader ASAP. He is bright, capable and seems a nice bloke. It won’t happen so there you go, another 3 years of in fighting.
    NZ needs a strong opposition (be it left or right) and we don’t have one at the moment .. NZ1st can’t be counted as they are Winston and when he goes so does the party. Ron Mark MAY save them but I doubt it.


  3. fredinthegrass says:

    “NZ needs a strong opposition……….” agreed Jabba.
    I firmly believe we are fortunate to have John Key and his team.
    They at least are keeping their collective feet on the ground.
    Will be interesting to see the “results” of Labour’s in-thinking/fighting. Not holding out much hope for them though!~?


  4. J Bloggs says:

    fred: Don’t worry too much, I’m sure Russel and Winston will battle it out to be leader of the opposition while Labour are otherwise engaged. Who knows – maybe in thier efforts to out do each other, we might see some robustness on the opposition side of the House


  5. Southern says:

    Sadly there is no one who stands out as a real leader in the opposition, that’s the only way for any of them to get any traction and looking at them, it just won’t happen.
    Russell – to whiny and no leadership
    Meturia – Sneaky and no leadership
    Winston – Smarmy and dishonest – has a little leadership
    Cunliffe – No ability and too busy taking pot shots – no leadership

    Best they all train up some newbies because if it is still all of them in three years time then what will have changed.

    “if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”


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