National has won a third term and in doing so has had its third successive increase in vote.

John Armstrong calls it an utter triumph for John Key:

A complete and utter – and indisputable – triumph for one man; a total and unmitigated disaster for his many enemies.

This was slaughter. John Key is now in the elite company of other three-term prime ministers, like Helen Clark.

And a fourth term cannot be ruled out given the hiding that Key has inflicted on the centre-left.

It is as simple of that. No amount of flimflam, window dressing or blaming everyone else but themselves can hide how parlous things have become for Labour. . .

If final results are the same as preliminary ones, parliament will look like this:




4 Responses to Victory

  1. Southern says:

    Translation is: I am constantly watching you and your writing . I am enjoying reading your article and enthusiasm to those around me .. I am in the effort to read

    [This comment won’t make sense now I’ve deleted the one it referred to as spam, but thanks for the translation – Ele].


  2. Cadwallader says:

    Great news! Do you know how many (and who) amongst Labour’s list remain in the House? Thanks.


  3. Gravedodger says:

    @ cadwallader
    Little just makes it without the specials and the sainte- lague formula for the final adjustment to account for wasted votes.


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