Principles matter

One of the best outcomes of last night’s results was the repudiation of Kim Dotcom and his puppets.

Voters showed that principles matter.

Hone Harawira, Laila Hare and their fellow travellers allowed theirs to be bought and New Zealanders rejected that and them, with the help of Kelvin Davis and the voters of Te Tai Tokerau.

11 Responses to Principles matter

  1. Chris says:

    Now we need to rid our beautiful country of this foreign interloper. Hope it can happen before too long


  2. JC says:

    Davis’ toughest opposition was Cunliffe and Labour but he still won through.

    Well done that man. NZ’s first successful Independent for many years.



  3. Gravedodger says:

    I wonder does it fall to David Shearer to claw the baton from Mr c’s cold fingers and with Nash, Davis, O’Connor and the few untainted to begin a rebuild.
    Some Job.
    Does this signal a chance for the environmental Lobby to do similar for the rump Green party and discard the hard left socialists who wish to create a peoples republic and go back to the party roots where being watchdogs of the planets future once resided.

    To quote old Frazer from Dad’s Army, “I never doubted them for a moment”.
    There was a compelling fear though I will admit.
    So strong in fact I kept my counsel from all but a few who I trusted.
    Nats around 50%, Winston First 10%, Craig just short, Over stated the greens by 5% and in a clear heart over head had ACT with two seats.
    I also had Turiana getting her replacement home and my hopes for Kelvin Davis were another heart over reality coming up short.

    I have a recurring musical theme running through my head this morning from “Oklahama”, “Oh what a beautiful Day”

    I guess the Elephants eye belongs to the complicit MSM who along with a bus load of useful idiots gave Schmitz and his blatant efforts so much of the oxygen that should have been available to all those seeking a mandate.


  4. jabba says:

    here is a simple reason why Labour don’t connect (apart from Cunliffe being disliked and all the divided sections in the party).
    Their top 10 list positions include King who is past it even though she performs better than most, Ardern so young but already a 2 time loser, Mahuta who has done sod all, Twyford a bloke I just don’t get, Cosgrove a strange chap who has also lost twice and Sue Moroney who I understand just had her 5th hiding.
    The top 10 would have been Ministers .. ahhhhhhhhh


  5. David Lloyd says:

    Agree. I am pleased the Queen of the Hypocrites Harre did not get a seat in Parliament. The insincere Harre sold her Marxist soul for a pot of tainted Dotcom silver and she paid the price as the public could see her for what she really is. I hope that she is on the same plane out of our country as her fugitive benefactor Dotcome. Good riddance to both.


  6. JRM Says An excellent result I am pleased Lab-Greens did not get near the Treasury benches they would have bankrupted NZ ruining the agricultural Industry


  7. RBG says:

    As climate change reduces agricultural yields, dirty rivers and inaction on green house gas emissions damage New Zealand’s ‘clean’ brand, spying revelations offend our major trading partners, falling dairy prices,over indebtedness and climbing interest rates hit farmers bottom lines, at least you won’t be able to blame the Greens.


  8. Mr E says:

    Climate change will reduce agriculture yields? Which ones. Evidence please.

    Dirty rivers? they’re getting cleaner under National RBG

    Inaction on green house gas emissions damage New Zealand’s ‘clean’ brand.
    We’re currently moving faster than most of the globe. So this is unlikely to happen.

    Falling dairy prices – The National party has had a large influence on dairy prices? how.

    over indebtedness – Please put some context to this statement.

    climbing interest rates hit farmers bottom lines – You still want money printing to happen?

    Based on my read of media reports leading up to the election, I think the Greens lost support because of their ability to attack the voter to further their cause. Their willingness to seek policy change at the detriment of individuals. Your comment is a classic example of this. You burst out with a whole heap of fact less predictions, containing none of the assertions needs to qualify your statements.

    I predict more of this type of behaviour will simply drive more voters away from the Greens.


  9. Paranormal says:

    Keep it up RPG,

    The public have shown they’re turned off by constant flagellation with only the 10% of devout followers signing up for your green utopia. You should keep up the beatings until morale improves.


  10. RBG says:

    Mr E, my comment was in response to John R Miller who suggests that NZ agriculture dodged a bullet because Labour didn’t get in. My point is that NZ agriculture faces many financial risks (and no I didn’t blame them all on National)
    This is a comment on a blog post, not an academic essay, I am not required to provide references.


  11. RBG says:

    Providing a link didn’t help your argument Mr E.

    As for your claim rivers are getting cleaner under National, the link you provides shows that to be misleading.

    Only 30% of rivers have improved for total phosphorus, 60% no change, 10% worse (70% polluted and getting worse)

    Only 40% of rivers have improved for dissolved reactive phosphorous,, 50% no change, 10% are worse.(60% polluted and getting worse)

    Only 15% have improved for e. coli, (and BTW only 1% of the rivers are urban)

    As for macroinvertabrate community index- you know, how many living creatures can survive in our rivers- 5% improving, 80% stable,15% getting worse. (95% polluted or getting worse)

    Including ‘stable’ polluted rivers in with ‘improving’ is misrepresenting the facts. It is just as valid to say that most of our rivers are polluted and getting worse.


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