Election results

It’s 7pm, polling booths have closed.

Counting of advance votes started at 2pm and should be announced by 8:30.

My predictions (%):

National 48ish

Labour 22ish

Green Party 12ish

NZ First 5ish

Conservative Party 4ish

Maori Party 2ish

Act 2ish

IMP 1ish

United Future .5ish

Official results can be found here.

Predicted results from the Election Data Consortium are here.

13 Responses to Election results

  1. Allan says:

    I love your positive attitude Elle. Your posts are a breath of fresh air. I love someone who always provides a positive post as against the negativity of the left. You are truely a lovely person. Cheers Allan


  2. Willdwan says:

    Hear hear.


  3. Roger Barton says:

    The Coatsville Clown has been given his moment of truth. On the plane to the U.S. will complete the job.


  4. jabba says:

    see you later bob .. the Green movements dirty politics was a massive fail


  5. Angry Tory says:

    So we’re looking at another six, hopefully nine or twelve years of National lead government – a majority this time, in an ACT + Conservative government for the next two terms after that.

    You’d have to say the Whale Army carried the day!

    The big question: can we please have some National policies now
    – smash the teacher unions!
    – charter all the schools!
    – smash all the rest of the unions
    – replace RMA with real property rights
    – anti-corruption commission
    – close down RadioNZ & sell TVNZ
    – end welfare!

    Hopefully all the new National backbenchers will start kicking Labour & unions in the balls – them chop off their head.


  6. Angry Tory says:

    Naa. Injection of black-market Pentobarbital will complete the job on Kim.

    The job’s not done in NZ until National uses its majority to purge Unions, Labour, Mana, the Greens, from NZ’s body politic, and we finally get some National policies in NZ!

    Tax cuts now! Charter schools now! Right to Work now!

    Cuntliffe want us to “put aside partisan differences” – fuck that!

    Time to wipe Labour & unions out of NZ forever.


  7. jabba says:

    hey bOb .. shit happens aye?


  8. Mr E says:

    Congratulations Ele.
    Well played I say.


  9. Freddy says:

    Congratulations HP (and NZ), you pushed for the party vote and you got it…job well done.


  10. “This is a victory for those who kept the faith”



  11. Southern says:

    pack ya bags kim, bOb could help, he will have plenty of spare time now

    Thanks nicky, ya done well bloke


  12. jabba says:

    is bOb still out pruning his organic potato trees .. come on son, share your thoughts about the result, Kin Dotcom, Mana, Hager and the massive crash from the 15% the Greens expected to achieve


  13. Dave Kennedy says:

    Congratulations on the win, watch out 2017 😉


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