National working for and in the south #1

Fantastic Fact # 1:
This series has come from the Facebook page of Michael Woodhouse MP who says:

For the past 50 days I’ve been posting my 50 fantastic facts about Dunedin and the South. Why? Because I want to bring some balance to the constant negativity from media and some left wing MPs who say ‘Vote Positive’ but talk negative. Yes there have been some setbacks, but on balance we have negotiated our way through really tough times well. Please vote. But please vote for the candidate and the Party that is working hardest for the South and the Country.

Dunedin people have the chance tomorrow to vote for national which will carry on working positively for the city, the south and Dunedin

They also have the chance to vote for Michael in Dunedin North and Hamish Walker in Dunedin South to get two strong, positive voices for the city.

4 Responses to National working for and in the south #1

  1. RBG says:

    Michael Woodhouse is implicated in the Dirty Politics smear against David Cunliffe. Whaleoil, John Armstrong and others knew far too much about the 11 year old letter BEFORE the OIA release. Whatever happens this election, the truth about National’s 2 track Dirty Politics is going to keep on coming out. Mud sticks and Woodhouse is filthy!


  2. TraceyS says:

    What brought this on RBG? Have you just got back from a desperate, last minute Green Party campaign meet?

    You’ve spent some energy recently criticizing others for “smearing” and look at you go girl (boy or whatever you are).

    I don’t trust people with your double-standards.


  3. RBG says:

    They call what you are doing TraceyS, ‘ playing the man not the ball’. The subject of Homepaddock’s post was Michael Woodhouse. I raised the issue of the OAI release of the 11 year old immigration letter that was used to attack Cunliffe, by Minister of Immigration Michael Woodhouse. That’s related to the post and way more relevant and of public interest than talking about me.


  4. murray grimwood says:

    she has trouble with objectivity.

    I saw Woodhouse once this round, at the Water event. Came his turn at the lecturn, his phone went off. “It’s hard turning it off when it’s the Prime Minister”.

    That was rude, and said a lot about the level of intellect. It was much remarked upon.

    He was totally upstaged by Eugenie Sage (think I’ve got the spelling right, never met her before that). You can see why National had to eliminate democracy to push their unsustainable land-use agenda in Canterbury – the intellectual capability difference, to say nothing of the correctness of her argument, made elimination their only option.

    I wonder, just quietly, whether some folk will ever have a twinge of conscience about choosing and imposing ignorance. I also wonder, as a reader of history, why it is that information-repressers never look to see what inevitably happened to previous information-represser-led societies.

    If we are to survive as a society – physically – we need to move past such ignorance.


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