Security agencies foil terror attack

Australian police have arrested suspected terrorists in Sydney and Brisbane:

A SERIES of anti-terrorism raids were sparked by intelligence reports that Islamic State supporters were planning a public execution in Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says.

Details of the planned attack have emerged in the wake of the biggest anti-terrorism operation in Australia’s history, involving hundreds of police officers in co-ordinated raids across Sydney and Brisbane this morning.

Mr Abbott was briefed on the police raid on Wednesday night, which included intelligence that public beheadings were planned. “The exhortations, quite direct exhortations, were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country,” he told reporters.

“So this is not just suspicion, this is intent and that’s why the police and security agencies decided to act in the way they have.”

LIVE UPDATES: Terror raids

NSW Police will allege that some of the Sydney men arrested in the operation had communicated with the Islamic State organisation while developing their alleged plan to seize a random member of the public and behead them live on camera. . . .

Some comments on the raids:

    1:41pm: Labor leader Bill Shorten is holding a press conference about the terror raids.

“The raids will no doubt come as a shock to many Australians.”

“It does remind us that the threat of terror can actually occur on our shores.”

“The reports of what these people were allegedly preparing are truly shocking.”

“Australians should be reassured by the capabilities of our security agencies. People should be reassured that our [agencies] are able to do their job before bad things happen to people.”

He said four major terrorist attacks planned on Australian soil had been disrupted since 2003 with the participants convicted and jailed. . .


12:44pm: NSW Premier Mike Baird said the alleged plot, to behead a person on the streets of Sydney, was “undoubtedly horrifying”.

“But I want to pay absolute … thanks to the authorities that have done their job,” he said.

“We want to say to the community: be assured, the actions [today] show that every single effort will be made to ensure that we are safe.”

12:42pm: NSW Premier Mike Baird is holding a press conference about the anti-terrorism raids.

He warned those who wanted to harm the community that “we will hunt you down”.

“To those that think they may be operating in dark corners, we are shining the light upon you,” he said.


This puts into perspective what Prime Minister John Key said last night:

New Zealanders face real threats and as Prime Minister of New Zealand I can either choose to walk away from protecting New Zealanders or do my job. I will never walk away from protecting New Zealanders.

If we ever lived in a benign strategic environment we don’t now and that is why security agencies must have the powers they need to protect us.


16 Responses to Security agencies foil terror attack

  1. murray grimwood says:

    ah, yes. It’s all int he timing isn’t it?


  2. Willdwan says:



  3. jabba says:

    oh Murray .. not even Guyton would say something that stupid .. mmm, mind you?


  4. jabba says:

    have the media asked Cunliffe, Turei/Norman/Harre what they think about this situation?


  5. Andrei says:

    We will see in the fullness of time maybe if this is a “Reichstag fire” to distract Australians from the fact that they are going to have to front up 400 million dollars to protect the oil wells the Empire stole from Iraq or if there is some real substance to this?

    Very convenient for John Key too but that’s just coincidence

    Does the name Nakoula Basseley Nakoula ring any bells?

    He was the fall guy used for distraction when American Skulduggery in Libya went awry


  6. murray grimwood says:

    yeah, a good read for the cynical is ‘Insanity Fair’ by Douglas Reed, ’38. He was outside the Reichstag. Reported home – oh, old boy, it can’t be that bad surely………

    It’s an amazing parallel to our current media.

    I agree, it’s a longish bow to link it to our Election (but not impossibly long) but the timing over there is uncanny.

    The problem, of course, is that the Empire du jour (and it’s hangers-on) have to impose their dominance so as to get the resources and the labour cheap. That coud be done easier before facebook/youtube, now it is harder to hide the truth.

    Mind you, some folk are silly enough to accept anything that suits them.


  7. jabba says:

    so Murray, are you are suggesting that the people who want to murder innocent Aussies and post a video of the them getting their heads cut off is cunning plan to support John Key and our Govt Spy agency .. REALLY????????????????????????


  8. robertguyton says:

    Here was me thinking that the last-minute terrorism scare would come out here, in New Zealand, in the last couple of days before the election.
    But no, I was wrong.


  9. murray grimwood says:

    Jabba – No. I have contemplated the thought that the timing of the arrests (they hadn’t actually done anything, as I understand it) might have been ‘convenient’.

    What we need is perspective. Every Empire rides on having the best energy (no, I’m not trolling) source. Britian on coal, the US took over on oil (Lord Fisher saw it coming).

    The oil just happens to be – mostly – under where other people live; but the Empire needs it. I happen to be one who tries to find out everything I can about everything, and I remember this:

    How would you retaliate, if you’d been disinvested of the one resource you had proximity-dibs on, Jabba? Would you think of yourself as a ‘terrorist’ or as a retaliator-against-repression?

    The ultimate reply, though, is a question. Who was William Knox D’Arcy, where did he come from, and what was he doing in Persia (that’s a trick question, he never went there 🙂 in 1901?

    Innocent Aussies?

    Homeworkus prekeyboardus – always betteri.


  10. Mr E says:

    I am gob smacked at some of the remarks here.

    “I agree, it’s a longish bow to link it to our Election (but not impossibly long) but the timing over there is uncanny.”

    So lets imagine the events on Murrays Long bow.
    Prior to the Iraq war John Key, a somewhat intrepid politician must have thought:
    I know, one day I’ll be Prime Minister and I will need a foreign security scare to back up an election debate that security intelligence is needed. I’ll get on the phone to the OZ and the US and stir them up to go to war. I might be a new and relatively junior politician, but I know I can make this happen. I know that doing so will lead to terrorists attacks and one foiled by security information just prior to an all important election.

    Jeepers NATIONAL! I cant believe you did that! How dare you. I’m taking my vote somewhere else. Robert can you recommend an alternative?


  11. Andrei says:

    Mr E, stop being so parochial – there is a far bigger picture

    These characters have not as yet harmed anyone – whether or not they had the actually ability to pull off a “terrorist” attack is entirely unknown – it is just as likely that they are fools with bradagio who serve a useful political purpose for the architects of chaos

    And these raids are spectacular, theatre perhaps, to convince Australians they are under threat, pulled off as the War in Iraq is re escalated and a new war (which the Americans have been trying to start for eighteen months now) is planned for Syria.

    Your problem is that you distract yourself with sagas over stolen Emails and soap operas involving overweight Germans while the world is sliding towards major catastrophe and you remain happily oblivious

    The whole of North Africa is in flames, the Middle East little better and the Empire in its wisdom has created a failed State in the heart of Europe where the blood continues to flow


  12. murray grimwood says:

    chuckle. MrE has already acknowledged his choice to remain uninformed.

    More likely that the US oberfuhrer decided that the Snowden link and the Kerry need for another weapon of mass destruction type reason, coincided:

    Subtle the Empire is not.


  13. Andrei says:

    And you and I know Murray that ISIS was created by the good ol USA in the first place, psychopaths recruited world wide to bring chaos to Syria, funded and armed by the USA with money and arms channeled through Saudi Arabia and Turkey


  14. J Bloggs says:

    Andrei: you don’t have to go recruiting for psychopaths worldwide – they volunteer for such organisations in glee.

    I used to have good arguments with a friend of mine, who held the belief that eveyone in the IRA was a committed revolutionary fighting in a state of ideological purity for the Cause. My position was that at least half of them were just plain old thugs who only joined organisations (on both sides) in “the struggle” to get an opportunity to engage in sanctioned violence against others.


  15. Andrei – you and I are as brothers. Murray too. I despair for my “other brothers”, Mr E and Jabs, but there’s nothing that can be done about them. Nothing at all.


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