Just in case you were wondering . . .


5 Responses to Just in case you were wondering . . .

  1. Really???
    I could have sworn you were a Conservative gal, one of Colin’s horrid crew. Have you been put off by the sudden resignation of his press secretary? I know I am (further put off – Christine Rankin and Garth McVicar were enough, but this is…creepy!)


  2. murray grimwood says:

    either way she’s voting for the unsustainable.

    I’d ask why, but, well,


  3. Mr E says:

    I take it you are not voting?


  4. Willdwan says:

    Murray’s sustainable dystopia could be achieved by nothing less than absolute totalitarianism, so I would guess not.


  5. murray grimwood says:

    you’d guess wrong. I pull the tug-of-war rope in the direction it most needs to go, even if it isn’t going to be far enough. It’s better than nothing.

    I’ve never abstained, since I could vote.

    But voting won’t solve the problems our species faces, there is no point in lying to one’s self about facts, no matter how comforting the lie.



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